Human Services Funding Advisory Committee

Established by

Bainbridge Island Municipal Code Chapter 2.41

In late Summer, 2018, the City issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) for 2018-20 Human Services Funding. To view and download the RFP, please visit the City Funded Human Services Page.


The Human Services Funding Advisory Committee (HSFAC), working in collaboration with the city, shall develop funding recommendations for consideration by City Council. The committee’s recommendation should meet any requirements or guidance provided from the City Council to the committee including, but not limited to: the total amount of available funds, identified goals and priorities for funding, eligibility requirements, specific parameters such as maximum or minimum award levels, and any other identified guidelines for funding.

Membership, Appointment, Term & Compensation

  • The committee shall consist of seven voting members who shall be appointed by the mayor and confirmed by vote of the City Council;
  • Members shall not be employees or officers of the city or appointed to another City of Bainbridge Island committee, board or commission, except for specialized committees or task forces of limited duration. Members shall not be employees or officers of any organization which will request or receive City funding for human services;
  • Members of the committee shall serve for a single term to be specified at the time of appointment that coincides with the City's work to review proposals for funding from community organizations. A member may be reappointed to a separate, subsequent term. No member shall serve more than three consecutive terms unless the City Council determines that special expertise is required, or there are no other qualified applicants;
  • Members shall serve without compensation.