Planning Commission

Regular Meeting Schedule

  • Meets on the second and fourth Thursday of the month 6-8 pm (unless otherwise noted)
  • Location: Council Chambers

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Agendas and Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

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Established by

Bainbridge Island Municipal Code Chapter 2.14.020


The Planning Commission (PC) was established pursuant to RCW 35A.63 to serve as an advisory body to the City Council.  Its role is to provide recommendations to the City Council, Planning Director and Hearing Examiner, and to consider legislative and quasi-judicial matters, with its primary responsibility to prepare, review and update the Comprehensive Plan. (BIMC 2.14.020.A.)

As BIMC 2.14.020.C.1 states:
The commission shall consist of seven members appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the city council. All seven members of the commission shall be residents of the city. The members shall not be employees or officers of the city or appointed to another city committee, board, or commission, except for specialized committees or task forces of limited duration. The city is committed to promoting diversity on the commission. The commission shall reflect the diverse perspectives, work experiences and backgrounds represented in the community. Women, persons with disabilities, sexual and gender minorities, younger persons, senior citizens, persons of color, and immigrants are encouraged to apply to serve on the commission. Each commissioner shall endeavor to understand and agree to uphold the city’s adopted comprehensive plan. 

The Bainbridge Island Municipal Code (BIMC) explains the duties and responsibilities of the PC as follows:

BIMC 2.14.020.B Planning commission.
Duties and Responsibilities.
Pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 35A.63 RCW, there is established within the city a planning commission. The title “planning commission” is substituted for the title “planning agency” in all city ordinances and other documents approved prior to the effective date of the ordinance codified in this chapter. The planning commission shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

  1. Participate in the preparation and review of the comprehensive plan for the city;
  2. Consider the location, character, extent, and effect of any proposed dedication of any street or other area for public use, including parks, public ways, public buildings, or public structures, with reference to the comprehensive plan, pursuant to RCW 35A.63.080;
  3. Review and make recommendations on all applications for amendments to the comprehensive plan, official zoning map and official zoning ordinance of the city pursuant to Table 2.16.010-1;
  4. Review and make recommendations on all housing design demonstration project applications pursuant to BIMC 2.16.020.S, including those housing design demonstration project applications involving land subdivision, based on a comprehensive review of the project at a public meeting;
  5. Review and make recommendations on preliminary short subdivisions if requested by the director;
  6. Review and make recommendations on all preliminary large lot subdivisions, preliminary long subdivisions, major site plan and design reviews, major conditional use permits, and major shoreline conditional use permits, taking into consideration the recommendation from the design review board and a comprehensive review of the project at a public meeting;
  7. Such other advisory duties as may be assigned to it by the city council, or as specified in the BIMC;
  8. Create the planning commission agenda prior to its publication in consultation with the director.