Lodging Tax Advisory Committee

2020 Lodging Tax Funding Cycle

Important Dates*
Tuesday, November 12 - Funding Recommendations to City Council (1st Touch)
Tuesday, November 26 - Approve Funding

*All meeting will be held at City Hall, 280 Madison Avenue N, Bainbridge Island, WA

City Seeking Request for Proposals

The City of Bainbridge Island is seeking proposals for projects to receive funding under the Civic Improvement Fund, which is established through Chapter 67.28 of the Revised Code of Washington (“RCW”) and Section 3.65.040 of the Bainbridge Island Municipal Code. 

For 2020, there are approximately $275,000 in Civic Improvement funds (also known as Lodging Tax funds) available for distribution to support selected projects. The City Council has approved funding within a wide range, to encourage innovative projects of all sizes that recognize and promote the exciting – and expanding – tourism trends and opportunities happening on Bainbridge Island.  Applicants may seek a minimum award of $2,000 and a maximum award of $137,500 (to reflect 50% of total available funds).

View and download the Request for Proposal (PDF)

2020 LTAC Projects

See the table below for information on projects requesting 2020 LTAC funding:
Organization/Proposal Project Requested Proposed Award
Arts & Humanities Bainbridge Currents Online Cultural Collaborations
$  14,000
$  10,000
Bainbridge Arts & Crafts Off-Island Advertising $  14,000 $    5,000
Bainbridge Island Chamber of Commerce Visitor Information Center $  65,410 $  40,000
Bainbridge Island Downtown Association Multi-Media Destination Marketing Campaign $  68,100 $  35,000
Bainbridge Island Historical Museum 2nd Annual Pickleball Founders Tournament $  29,910 $  12,000
Bainbridge Island Lodging Association Destination Bainbridge: 2020 $  89,600 $  56,500
Bainbridge Island Lodging Association July 4th Fireworks  $  45,000  -0-
Bainbridge Island Museum of Art Cultural Impact Programs & Festivals $  20,000 $    5,000
Bainbridge Island Parks Foundation Trillium Trail Family Run $    9,000 $   6,500 
Bloedel Reserve Shoulder Season Awareness Campaign: "Fish Where the Fish Are"  $  23,000  $ 10,000 
City of Bainbridge Island Downtown Wayfinding Signs  $  36,000 $ 12,000 
North Kitsap Tourism Coalition Media Support $  10,000 $    7,000
Visit Bainbridge Island Multi-Media Destination Marketing Campaign
$  71,500
$  50,000
Visit Kitsap Peninsula 12-Month Lodging & Tourism Marketing Campaign

$  24,000

$  12,000
 Winery Alliance of Bainbridge Island
Wine on the Rock Event
$  27,750
$  14,000


2019 LTAC Projects

2019 LTAC Recommendations

See the table below for information on projects that received 2019 LTAC funding:

Organization/ProposalFinal ReportRequestedAwarded
Arts & Humanities BainbridgeLink
$  27,000
$  15,000
Bainbridge Arts & CraftsLink$  38,360$  15,000
Bainbridge Island Chamber of CommerceLink$  85,483$  63,000
Bainbridge Island Chamber of Commerce & Bainbridge Island Downtown AssociationLink$   2,500-0-
Bainbridge Island Downtown AssociationLink$  72,885$  50,000
Bainbridge Island History MuseumLink$  21,000$  12,000
Bainbridge Island Lodging AssociationLink$  69,500$  60,000
Bainbridge Island Museum of ArtLink$  20,000$  10,000
Bainbridge Island Winery AllianceLink$  23,650$  15,000
North Kitsap Tourism CoalitionLink$  10,000$  10,000
Visit Kitsap PeninsulaLink$  18,000$  12,000

2018 LTAC Projects

2018 LTAC Funding Recommendation

See the table below for information on projects that received 2018 LTAC funding:

Final Report
Arts & Humanities BainbridgeLink$8,000$7,000 
Bainbridge Arts & CraftsLink$5,700$5,000 
Bainbridge Island Chamber of CommerceLink$82,611$70,000
Bainbridge Island Downtown AssociationLink$68,500$57,000
Bainbridge Island Historical MuseumLink$15,373$15,000
Bainbridge Island Lodging AssociationLink$52,000$50,000
Bainbridge Island Museum of ArtLink$20,000$10,000
Bainbridge Island Winery AllianceLink$22,670$14,500
Bloedel ReserveLink$30,500$23,000 
North Kitsap Tourism Coalition$10,000$9,500
Visit Kitsap Peninsula$18,000$9,000

2017 LTAC Projects

2017 LTAC State Report
2017 Year End Reports
2017 LTAC Funding Recommendation (12/13/16)

See the table below for information on projects that received 2017:

Organization ProposalFinal Report RequestedAwarded
Arts & Humanities Bainbridge $10,000$5,000 
Bainbridge Arts & Crafts Link $4,520$3,000 
Bainbridge Island Chamber of Commerce$71,516$56,000 
Bainbridge Island Downtown Association Link $72,375$48,000 
Bainbridge Island Historical Museum $15,000$8,000 
Bainbridge Island Lodging Association $61,300$48,000 
Bainbridge Island Museum of Art $15,000$8,000 
Bainbridge Island Parks Foundation $3,740$3,000 
Bloedel Reserve $16,335$7,500 
North Kitsap Tourism Coalition Link $10,000$7,500 
Winery Alliance of Bainbridge Island Link$24,000$6,000 
 Total $313,786$200,000 


The Lodging Tax Advisory Committee (LTAC) reviews and comments on proposals for expenditures from the City's Lodging Tax Fund, also known as the Civic Improvement Fund.

The Civic Improvement Fund, created through a state tax on overnight stays in lodging establishments (i.e.., hotels, motels, and bed and breakfasts), provides funding for projects that will promote tourism and for the acquisition or operation of tourism-related facilities as specified in RCW 67.28.

The LTAC is required to include:

  • At least two representatives from Bainbridge Island businesses which collect lodging taxes, and
  • At least two representatives of businesses or agencies eligible to receive lodging tax funding.

In addition, a Councilmember serves as LTAC Chair, with another Councilmember acting as Co-Chair in a non-voting role.