Municipal Court

Unless otherwise ordered, ALL hearings are being held using Zoom video conferencing and teleconferencing options.  The Judge encourages ALL LITIGANTS, ATTORNEYS, and MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC to appear by Zoom video/ teleconference. 

However, anonymous observers on Zoom who refuse to identify themselves or their purpose in observing may be removed at the discretion of the clerk or Judge for security reasons. The physical courtroom is open to the public for observation of court proceedings.

It is permitted to attend the hearing at the courthouse if you prefer.  The court has two “Zoom Rooms” with a computer running the Zoom technology to connect with the Zoom hearing. Attendees may participate in the Zoom Room so that they can fully interact with the other participants who are appearing remotely on Zoom.  

DO NOT come to the courthouse if you are sick with any cold or flu-like illness. Call the court to inform the staff of your illness.



Meeting ID:  850 926 3884  
Video Password:  court

Telephone Dial-in: 1 (253) 215-8782 OR 1 (669) 900-9128
Meeting ID: 850 926 3884 
No password is required on the telephone



In-Person Counter Service at the Court:  Monday -Friday from 8 AM -4 PM. We are closed over the lunch hour from 12-1 and 11:30-1 on Wednesdays for our staff meeting.  

The Courthouse staff are available for questions and service Monday through Friday 8-4 by telephone and email. 


Bainbridge Island Municipal Court:

Washington Supreme Court:

Pursuant to these emergency orders, the following applies to court operations:


CRIMINAL CASES: New arraignments and pending criminal cases are held using video and teleconferencing options. Call or email the clerk to make sure we have your address and email on file if you have an upcoming case.  

TELEPHONIC/ VIDEO APPEARANCE AT HEARING: The court is using video and teleconferencing to hold hearings. Information about video and teleconferencing is publicly available on the website. If you have an upcoming hearing, call the clerk to make sure we have your mailing and email address on file. All hearings will be audio recorded, and a copy of the hearing can be obtained from the clerk.

PROBATION REQUIREMENTS: All probation requirements are still in effect. Many treatment agencies have modified their services to allow for remote attendance at classes. Probationers shall work with their treatment agency to access any available services or obtain permission for any delay in services.

BENCH WARRANTS: Bench warrants may be scheduling a warrant quash hearing and appearance at that hearing, preferably via Zoom video/teleconferencing. 

PROTECTION ORDERS: The Bainbridge Island Municipal Court is not processing requests for protection orders. Parties must petition for an order in District or Superior Court. Contact the Superior Court Clerk's Office to screen for the appropriate Venue.

PAPERWORK: All paperwork may be delivered to the court via email, fax, mail, or in-person.

PAYMENTS: All payments may be made in-person, online, over the telephone, or by mail (do not mail cash).  Transaction fees are no longer waived as of July 1, 2021. See court website for more detail:

PARKING AND INFRACTIONS: Payments of parking tickets and infractions will be accepted online, by telephone, in-person and in the mail. Requested hearings will be scheduled to occur by telephone and video conferencing, but also may be attended in person if desired. The court has always accepted mitigation requests and requests for deferred finding by mail. See the infraction page: 

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ADVOCACY SERVICES:  Available by telephone. Contact YWCA Advocate at or 360-479-0491.
24-hour domestic violence hotline: 1-800-500-5513

LANGUAGE ASSISTANCE: The Bainbridge Island Municipal Court provides language assistance for hearings. Please notify the court staff if you are in need of interpreter services. 

PASSPORTS: Passport processing is based on staff availability. Many renewals for adults can occur via mail directly to the Passport Agency. For up to date information about passports, visit: