Having a conflict with a neighbor or another person close to you can be an extremely stressful event. If you will be having an ongoing relationship with the other person, it may be in your best interest to work on resolving your conflict through the mediation dispute resolution process. This is different than the adversarial process where a court listens to both sides and then makes a decision that is binding on the parties. Below is some information to help you decide if mediation could be helpful in your situation. Mediation is offered through the Kitsap Dispute Resolution Center.

If you already have a pending protection order process and both parties decide to participate in mediation, please contact the municipal court and inform the clerk of your scheduled mediation date.

Judge McCulloch

Community Mediation

The Dispute Resolution Center of Kitsap County (DRC) offers mediation as a more peaceful alternative to litigation. If your wish is to avoid the court system, improve communication, or preserve or restore relationships, mediation is designed to do just that.