Dave Ullin Open Water Marina Layout/Design Project

The City of Bainbridge Island and the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) entered into a Lease Agreement in 2010, which permits residential moorage in Eagle Harbor. The lease area is known as the Dave Ullin Open Water Marina (DUOWM), in honor of a beloved resident of Eagle Harbor who passed away in 2017.  In June 2018, the City Council voted to provide funding to expand the number of residential moorages from 9 to 16, as allowed under the terms of the Lease Agreement. The project is to install infrastructure for 16 boats for residential use.

Staff anticipates Public workshops and planning/design efforts to continue through Spring 2019 with an estimate construction timeline in late 2019 to early 2020.


The City Council will consider approval of a contract award for the buoy removal and installation project in the Dave Ullin Open Water Marina (DUOWM) at the August 13 business meeting.

Project options were discussed at both the February 12th and 26th City Council meetings.  
At the 2/26/19 City Council meeting, Council approved the design option as shown in Option 1A modified to provide 4-60’, 4-50’, 4-40’ and 4-30’ boats with the goal of allowing as wide a navigation fairway to the south-end of the marina as possible.  See Minutes for full details. Note: Once the revised map is created, staff will update to webpage.
2/12/19 Agenda - Minutes
2/26/19 Agenda Item - Minutes

**Updated Buoy Layout** uploaded 03/22/19

A public workshop was held on Monday, December 10, 2018. --  Press Release  -- Presentation Materials -- Meeting Video

The City Council asked the Marine Access Committee to host a public workshop in order to solicit public comment on this project and provide an overview of the current work. The Committee will use public input and comments from this meeting to develop recommendations as to the positioning of the expanded moorages in Eagle Harbor.  Additionally, all public comments collected for this meeting will be provided to the City Council and staff for review.

These objectives are in support of the Marine Access Committee’s mandate to:

  • Actively seek opportunities for public engagement and public outreach to increase awareness of public water access site of all type;
  • Coordinate with appropriate City staff to implement the public water access policies and goals of the council through measures which include, but are not limited to recommendation of ordinances, regulations and other means; and
  • Initiate, manage, encourage and support a program for community stewardship of individual water access and road end sites throughout the community.

People who are unable to attend the meeting are encouraged to send their comments by email to Operations Project Manager Aaron Claiborne. Comments are due by Friday, December 14.

By Washington State statute, the City of Bainbridge Island has jurisdiction over all the waters of Puget Sound surrounding the island to a distance halfway to the land on the other side (RCW 35.21.160). Authorized use of state-owned aquatic lands is mandated by RCW 79.100 and WAC 332.30 governs how to receive authorization for that use.

The middle harbor zone of Eagle Harbor has been historically used for moorage and anchorage of recreational and commercial vessels, including liveaboard vessels. The vessels are subject to numerous City regulations, including specific regulations regarding moorage and anchorage (see Aquatic Lands Lease).

The City of Bainbridge Island fully complies with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and related statues in all programs and activities.  Those requiring disability accommodations and/or materials made available in alternate formats, please contact the City Clerk at 206.842.2545 or cityclerk@bainbridgewa.gov.

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