Marine Access Committee

The Marine Access Committee has been discontinued.

Established by 

Bainbridge Island Municipal Code Chapter 2.35



The Marine Access Committee shall:

  • Work to support awareness, management, and enhancement of public access to and from the island's waters and water dependent activities;
  • Actively seek opportunities for public engagement and public outreach to increase awareness of public water access site of all type (water access, water view, etc.);
  • Promote and coordinate opportunities to develop island-wide public water access sites, especially road ends, as appropriate circumstances occur;
  • Coordinate with appropriate City staff to implement the public water access policies and goals of the council through measures which include, but are not limited to recommendation of ordinances, regulations and other means;
  • Initiate, manage, encourage and support a program for community stewardship of individual water access and road end sites throughout the community;
  • Actively seek to leverage city resources by identifying donation and grant opportunities and assessing for alignment with City goals and priorities;
  • Enlist volunteers, neighborhood members, and community organizations to assist with the implementation of approved plans and/or projects adopted by the city council;
  • Develop an annual work plan in collaboration with appropriate city staff, and submit the proposed work plan to city council for review and approval each year, along with a report on results of the prior year workplan;
  • Such other duties and responsibilities as may be assigned by the City Council.