Sound to Olympics (STO) Trail                                                                Long Range Plan and RAISE Grant


The Sound to Olympics (STO) Trail Long-Range Plan project will provide a separated shared-use pathway along the SR 305 Corridor (from Sakai Park/Pond) to the Agate Pass Bridge, a distance of approximately 6 miles. The project includes a 20% preliminary design between Sakai Park and Madison Avenue and a Feasibility Study of the Trail from Madison Avenue to the Agate Pass Bridge along the western side of SR 305. The project builds off of the work in the Sustainable Transportation Plan.


The project will encourage non-motorized transportation, provide ADA accessibility, improve drainage and safety features, incorporate native plantings with visual and acoustic buffers, and promote all modes of non-motorized transportation and connectivity to branch trails.


  • Design Phase

On March 29, the community provided input to City staff for the Sound to Olympic (STO) Trail project on the 20% design for the Trail extension from the Sakai Pond Connector to Madison Avenue, and the route planning along SR305 to Agate Pass Bridge. 


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The input will be used to help refine the trail segment planning to be completed this summer. The plan will assist the City and other community partners in applying for grants to support the final design and construction of the trail segments.

The picture below shows the Sakai Pond Connector leg of the STO Trail completed in late 2021, which will serve as the starting point for design of the next segment between Sakai Park and Madison Avenue.


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