Olympic Drive Non-Motorized Improvements

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Olympic Drive (from Harborview Drive to SR305/Winslow Way)
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Traffic Notification 8/19/19.  On Monday, August 19 and Tuesday, August 20, crews working on the Olympic Drive Non-Motorized Improvements project will begin grinding and removing the existing pavement. The work will take place at the intersection of Olympic Drive and Winslow Way, the west side of Olympic Drive (southbound lanes) and Harborview Drive.

Once the grinding work is complete, crews will begin overnight work (9 PM to 6 AM) on Wednesday, August 21 and Thursday, August 22 to begin placing new pavement

All users (drivers, motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians) should take caution traveling in these work areas. Signs will be placed in the area reminding all users of abrupt edges and grooved pavement.


The Olympic Drive Non-Motorized Improvements project began in April 2019. During construction, you can expect:

  • Beginning Saturday, July 27, and continuing for several weeks, an additional police officer will help direct traffic at Harborview Drive & Olympic Drive during weekend afternoons and early evenings for summer peak pedestrian and vehicle traffic. We hope this will alleviate some of the confusion for people traveling near the Olympic Drive construction project site.
  • The sidewalk on the east side of Olympic Drive (next to the police station) will be closed intermittently for construction. Pedestrians will be rerouted to the west side of Olympic Drive where crews will create a temporary path to Winslow Way.
  • On Monday, May 13, 2019, crews began undergrounding of utilities on Harborview Drive. Harborview Drive will be reduced to one-lane with flaggers. The undergrounding of utilities will continue until future notice.

Sidewalk closures:

  • It’s expected that on Monday, May 20, the sidewalk on the south side of Winslow Way between Olympic Drive and Bjune Drive will close for construction. People who walk or use wheelchairs should use the sidewalk on the north side of Winslow Way.
  • The sidewalk on the west side of Olympic Drive (near Waypoint Park) will remain closed.
  • Pedestrians should follow the detour routes in this map.

Delays: At times, this work will require some lane closures along Olympic Drive. During the morning and afternoon peak hours and weekends, the contractor will prioritize keeping traffic lanes open to minimize the impact on ferry commuters who travel by car. During construction, allow an extra 10 minutes to catch the ferry. For more information on current traffic revisions, see our traffic advisory webpage.

Noise: You can expect to hear normal construction noises, such as engines and other equipment, as well as louder noises, such as pavement cutting. Nighttime work may occur.

Businesses to remain open during construction.

For more information on how to stay informed and what to expect once construction is complete, keep scrolling.

Sidewalk closure2_Olympic Dr_052019

Project notifications will be sent through the city's Notify Me listserv. Please encourage your neighbors and fellow commuters to sign-up for project notifications via  "Notify Me" to receive project updates. Select "Olympic Drive NM Improvements” from the list.  

As the busiest ferry route in Washington State, the Seattle-Bainbridge run transports bus riders, visitors, drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists through Olympic Drive. The project is designed to improve safety for all users, and to improve efficiency for loading and unloading of ferry passengers. The design features include bike lanes, bike boxes, sidewalk widening, upgrades and undergrounding of utilities, and more. Over the course of several years, the city secured $2 million in grant funding from the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT), Transportation Improvement Board (TIB) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).  


  • Safety:
    • Separated bicycle, pedestrian and driving lanes improve safety for all modes of transportation.
    • Sidewalk widening improves safety for pedestrians, including those with wheelchairs and strollers.
    • Bike lanes and bike boxes improve safety for bicycles.
      • What is a bike box?  A bike box is a designated area at the head of a signalized intersection that provides bicyclists with a safe and visible way to turn before cars when the light turns green. For more information, see the National Association of City Transportation Officials website. Watch a demonstration video of how to use a bike box here.  The video is courtesy of the City of Edmonton, AB.
  • Utility upgrades.  The project upgrades and undergrounds utilities, leading to fewer power outages and better water service for firefighting in the area.
  • Stewardship:  Staff worked with certified arborists and the BI Parks Foundation to create a plan that carefully considers the trees and reduces impacts to the natural environment. The project was redesigned to preserve three large Douglas fir trees and two alder red trees. Fewer than 14 significant trees will be removed. By prioritizing the preservation of significant trees and adding greenspace along the new bicycle and pedestrian path, the city is preserving greenspace for present and future generations.

Construction began mid-April and is anticipated to be completed in September 2019.

Amount ($ in thousands)
COBI Local Funds$ 953
State Transportation Improvement Board (TIB) Funds$400
Federal Transportation Alternatives (FTA) Program Funds$878


TITLE VI:  The City of Bainbridge Island fully complies with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and related statues in all programs and activities. Those requiring disability accommodations, please contact the City Clerk at 206-842-2545, or email.


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