Pre-Construction Community Engagement

About the Project

In September of 2014, the Non-Motorized Transportation Advisory Committee (NMTAC) met to discuss the project overview and schedule. A community meeting was held later in September where the Public Works department received public input regarding the project overview.

After the initial public meeting, the Design Team worked to develop four alternative alignments for the trail. The City directed the consultant to design the trail alignment to retain as many trees as possible.

STO Community Engagement

October 2014

In October of 2014 the City invited members of the public to join City staff for a walk along SR 305 to understand the vision and potential implications of the trail project. Approximately 50 members of the community, including members of the press, joined the City for the walking event.

Later in October the NMTAC met to discuss and receive input on alternative alignments for the trail. One alternative was eliminated during that meeting. The three remaining alternative alignments were presented at a second public meeting with approximately 50 community members at City Hall on October 29, 2014.

Preferred Option

From this public meeting, the NMTAC recommended a Preferred Option. This Preferred Option was presented to the public at an Open House in November that was attended by approximately 100 community members. At this meeting community members expressed support for the preferred trail alignment option and the overall project direction.


The City Council was presented with the results of these outreach efforts at a meeting on November 18, 2014 and approved the Preferred Option to move forward.