Public Works

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The Public Works Department plans, designs, constructs, operates, and maintains public improvements, facilities, and equipment owned by the City of Bainbridge Island and the public. The Department also monitors, assesses, and reports on the status of the Island’s natural public assets - water resources. The Department is comprised of three divisions, Administration, Engineering (including Water Resources), and Operations and Maintenance.

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The Administration Division provides overall direction and management to the department. Work examples include capital project administration, contracts, permit processing, loans and grants, public records request, website content, work orders and public outreach.


The Engineering Division is responsible for the pre-design, design, and construction of all public improvements and implementation of thCapital Improvement Plan (CIP)  adopted by City Council each year.

  • Development Engineering works with development projects to ensure that infrastructure needs and assets are a good fit project-wise and in accordance with the City’s Design Standards and requirements. Development Engineering assesses project designs and provides input, carries out site-visits, inspections, and accepts assets into City ownership.
  • Water Resources Program monitors, analyses, and disseminates information about the island’s water resources. The program also oversees stormwater education, storm system maintenance, and regulatory compliance activities to meet the city’s municipal storm water permit.


The Operations and Maintenance Division provides services to the City’s infrastructure needs relating to streets, sidewalks, water, wastewater, and storm drains. The division also provides internal support for maintenance of city owned facilities and equipment.


To ensure that the physical infrastructure of the City’s buildings, facilities, roads, and utilities are built, repaired, and maintained in a fiscally responsible manner and within the guidelines of the Capital Facilities Plan of the Comprehensive Plan. Water Resources - To protect, restore, and enhance the Island’s water resources.

Title VI Notice

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