Comprehensive Plan

Bainbridge Island's Comprehensive Plan was initially adopted in 1994, and updated in 2004 and 2016, as required by the state Growth Management Act. The full Plan is available at the bottom of this page.


In 1990, the state legislature enacted the Growth Management Act (GMA). The following year unincorporated Bainbridge Island annexed to the City of Winslow. The GMA required the city to create a comprehensive plan for managing growth within fairly strict guidelines. Under the GMA, comprehensive plans must include five required elements (land use, housing, transportation, capital facilities, and utilities) and extensive requirements for public participation and reporting. The resulting comprehensive plan is intended to further the 13 goals contained in the act.

About the Plan

The city's Comprehensive Plan guides the growth and establishes the long-range vision for the Island, identifying important characteristics that the community desires to retain, promote, or foster. The Comprehensive Plan incorporates goals and policies that guide the community toward that vision, including the five overriding principles of the plan:

  • Preserve the special character of the Island
  • Protect fragile water resources
  • Foster diversity
  • Consider costs and benefits to property owners when making land use decisions
  • Promote sustainable development

Required Elements

The Bainbridge Island Comprehensive Plan includes the GMA required elements for land use, housing, capital facilities, utilities, transportation and economic development, plus optional elements including water resources, human services, environmental and cultural development.

Winslow Master Plan

The Winslow Master Plan, a detailed plan for the future of Bainbridge Island's urban center, adopted in May, 1998, is also part of the Comprehensive Plan.

Helpful Information

Please note that the goals and policies of the Shoreline Management Master Program are considered part of the Comprehensive Plan and were approved in 1996.

The Comprehensive Plan also includes a Land Use Map linked to the land use and environmental policies that establishes areas of the city for residential, commercial, industrial, and other land uses.

Comprehensive Plan