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Online Mitigation Form (All Infraction and Parking Tickets)

  1. The Court must receive your statement before your scheduled court appearance date or with your initial response to the ticket. You will be notified by email or mail of the Judge's decision. If a fine is imposed, it will not be greater than the fine indicated on your ticket and will be due within 60 days, unless you request a payment plan. Any additional documentation must be emailed to the court email at

  2. I agree to submit my ticket for MITIGATION, which means I admit I committed the infraction, but would like the Court to consider reducing the fine. There will not be a hearing. I understand that if I want to CONTEST the ticket (argue that I did not commit the infraction), I cannot use this form and must schedule a court hearing. *
  3. Is this a ticket for disabled parking? If you had a valid disabled parking placard and forgot to put it up, email a copy of the placard and your disabled parking ID card. Share more details in your statement.
  4. Is this a parking violation and you forgot to put up your employee parking pass? Email a copy of your pass. Share more details in your statement.
  5. Is this a ticket for No Insurance? If you had insurance AT THE TIME OF THE TICKET, email proof and your ticket will be dismissed and you will be assessed a $25 administrative fee. If you obtained insurance AFTER the ticket, upload or email proof for the Judge to review. Share more details in your statement.*
  6. Do you agree that the Judge's order may be sent to you by email?*
  7. Do you understand that there is no appeal allowed from the submission of an online mitigation request?*
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