Public Art Program

Community Plan for Visual, Performing and Literary Arts 
on Bainbridge Island 

The City of Bainbridge Island (City) is seeking an individual or firm to lead the community process to update its overall vision and plan for public art in the community of Bainbridge Island. Art in the context of this plan should include visual and performing arts, as well as literature. The plan will address both the public art programming of the City and the art experience of the community as a whole. The City will convene a team of community stakeholders and will review the submittals.  Interviews will be scheduled in January 2024.

Submitted Proposals
Civic Centered
Designing Local
Odyssey Associates
Shawn Parks & Kristin Tollefson

Evaluation/Selection/Delivery Timeline 

  • December 15, 2023                 Deadline to submit 
  • week of Jan. 8, 2024               Potential interviews 
  • January 2024                           Selection
  • February 2024                         Project agreement developed and signed
  • March – Dec. 2024                  Project underway and completed       


The City allocates a set amount for transfer into the Public Art Fund through the biennial budget process.  In the 2023-2024 biennium, $50,000 is included in the budget each year for ongoing public art program.

Current Public Art Collection


The Public Art Committee

In 2016 the City of Bainbridge Island revised its comprehensive plan to include a Cultural Vision for the next twenty years. In this plan, it stated that the arts and humanities are an integral part of the community fabric and contribute to the economic vitality, community character, livability and quality of life of the island. 

The mission of the public art program is to enhance the natural beauty of the island, foster diversity and inclusion, inspire contemplation, create community, and build a vibrant culture for locals and visitors alike through free access to art in public spaces. 

The City includes funding for the arts and humanities in its biennial budget. In 2019 the City amended Ordinance 3.80 that created the Public Arts Works Program and Fund to allow $50,000 per year to be directed to the Public Art Fund. The City Council approves all expenditures and the City Finance Director administers the funds.   Today, the City’s portfolio of public art is valued at more than $350,000 and includes more than 25 permanent pieces of art, in addition to rotating or temporary exhibition programs.   

For more information on the Committee, or on how to get involved, please visit the AHB Public Art Program website, or contact AHB at

Link to the Currents Online public art page.

The Public Art Program is managed by the Public Art Committee (PAC) and receives administrative support from the nonprofit Arts Humanities Bainbridge (AHB) paid through the Public Art Fund.  AHB supports PAC by providing administrative functions, marketing and communications, collection maintenance and liaison work between artists, City staff and City Council.

PAC members are citizen volunteers chosen from the community and appointed by AHB. They include local artists, designers, landscape architects, photographers and other creative people with a passion for public art.  Under the City’s Cultural Element Goals, PAC is responsible for proposing new works and public art programs, assisting with design and installations, partnering with both private and public agencies, reviewing donations of artwork and providing stewardship of the city’s portfolio.