How can we justify spending so much money on the trail when so few people are using it?

Only a very small portion of the trail has been built at this point, and it is being well used. The utility of the trail will continue to grow as it is extended to the north and pathways and other facilities for walking and biking are completed to connect it to residential areas, commercial areas, schools, parks, and other destinations along its route. Evaluating the use of the trail at this point is premature; it’s like evaluating the use of a subway system when only two or three stations have been completed. We need to envision what the trail will be like when it is completed and connected to the residential areas and destinations along its route. Once the trail becomes part of a connected network of safe facilities for walking and biking across the island, it will be heavily utilized.

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1. Frequently Asked Questions
2. What is the Sound to Olympics Trail? Where will it go on Bainbridge?
3. Who is the trail intended for? Won’t it mainly serve people who live off the island?
4. Why does the trail have to be so wide? I’ve seen bike trails in other places that aren’t so wide, and they work just fine.
5. I’ve heard that the trail is so wide because it’s funded with grant money from the federal government. Is that correct?
6. Why would we want to build a trail next to the highway?
7. I saw what happened with the first section of the trail, and I’m worried about impacts to the trees along the highway. Won’t building the trail change the character of the highway corridor?
8. Why would the City spend money on the STO Trail when we have other more pressing needs to address safety for walking and biking on the island?
9. How can we justify spending so much money on the trail when so few people are using it?
10. Why do we need a separated trail along the highway when we already have decent shoulders along most of the highway where people can ride?