Can I make changes in my garden without City approval?

Yes. The SMP states, “any changes from the existing landscape to a different landscaping use or activity will require that the modified area comply with the provisions of 4.1.3, Vegetation Management, and the intent of providing native vegetation to maintain ecological functions and processes.” Making changes within an existing garden - such as switching from tulips to daffodils or tomatoes to potatoes - would not be considered a change from the existing landscape and would not be regulated by the SMP. Larger-scale changes would need to meet the intent of providing native vegetation. For example, if you wanted to get rid of a large area of ornamental rose bushes within the shoreline buffer because they are difficult to maintain, the City would require that you replace the roses with native plants. Removal of non-native vegetation outside the shoreline buffer is permitted. The City recognizes that “any changes” is broad language and will clarify its meaning as part of the anticipated limited amendment.

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