What is a contested hearing?

If you would like to contest your ticket, you must mail in your ticket within 15 days and select a contested hearing. Unless you request the officer to be subpoenaed, the officer will not be present. The Judge will read the sworn statement of the officer. Then you may testify or present any evidence or witnesses that you wish. If you want to have the officer or any technician present, please advise the court clerk at the time you present your ticket or as soon as possible so the hearing can be appropriately scheduled. (Requests must be made in writing and received in the court office no later than 30 days before your hearing.)

As a result of a contested hearing, the penalty will either stay the same or the ticket will be dismissed. In the event you subpoenaed witnesses, you may be required to pay costs incurred by that party. A contested infraction hearing is a civil case and the Judge will decide the case based on the preponderance of the evidence.

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