Murden Cove Nutrient & Bacteria Reduction

Murden Cove

The Water Resources Program partnered with local health and conservation districts, a local business, neighborhood schools, and citizen volunteers to define the severity and extent of apparent water quality issues, to identify sources of nutrients and bacteria throughout the watershed, and to provide educational outreach and technical assistance to watershed residents and businesses in order to reduce nutrient and bacteria sources in the Murden Cove Watershed.

Project Status: Complete

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Murden Cove Sakai Sign 016

Murden Cove Watershed Interpretive Sign

Sakai Students

  • Jacques Defawe
  • Joey Hildebrand
  • Gabby Edwards
  • Katherine Bourma
  • Linnea Webber
  • Dane Verharen
  • Aubine Zaro


  • Jim Corsetti (Principal-Sakai)
  • Glenn Freeman and Rob Smallwood (Smallwood Design & Construction)
  • Cami Apfelbeck (City of Bainbridge Island)
  • Val Tollefson (Mayor-City of Bainbridge Island)
  • Rose Defawe (Bainbridge Island Watershed Council)
  • Deb Rudnick (BISD/Bainbridge Island Watershed Council)
  • Kathy Ellison (BISD-Teacher)

Project Partners