City of Bainbridge Island Comprehensive Downtown Parking Strategy

Project Description

Downtown Bainbridge Island has unique parking conditions due to its island location, its proximity to Seattle, its seasonal tourism, and the presence of a well-trafficked commuter ferry terminal adjacent to Downtown. The City of Bainbridge Island is undergoing a study to look at the on- and off-street parking system in Downtown. The project will include data collection and analysis, findings, public outreach, stakeholder engagement, task force meetings, and recommended strategies. The study will help the City gain a better understanding of how efficiently the parking system is being used, where there is capacity in the system, and what solutions can be implemented to improve the parking experience and support the City’s goals for Downtown. The study will consider how the parking system interacts with street circulation and other modes of travel, such as by bus, ferry, bicycle, or foot.


  • 11/28/17 - The City Council will receive a presentation regarding the results of the Downtown Parking Study completed by consultant Framework during their regular business meeting on November 28th.  Presentations begin shortly after the opening of the meeting at 7:00 PM.
  • The City held an open house on Thursday, October 12th presenting parking inventory, use data, and potential strategies to improve downtown parking. Following the open house, the City wants to hear from you!  Please submit your ideas on what the parking data demonstrates and which of the proposed strategies to improve parking would you support and why. You can email Chris Hammer or send to PW Engineering, 280 Madison Avenue N., Bainbridge Island, WA 98110.  The Consultant team will be presenting an abbreviated version of the presentation to the Ballot Measure Task Force on November 1st; 6:30 PM at City Hall.  


The Parking Strategy timeline runs from Summer 2017 through early 2018. The following schedule identifies some key dates in the project:

  • Parking System Inventory – July 2017
  • Data Collection – August and September 2017
  • Survey and Survey Summary – August and September 2017
  • Stakeholder Outreach – August 2017
  • Task Force Meetings – Ongoing
  • Public Open House – Late Fall 2017
  • Project Report – Winter 2017/2018
  • Public Outreach for proposed parking changes - Spring 2018

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