Ron Peltier

City Council
Title: Councilmember, At Large
Phone: 206-842-3601
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Term Expires: 12/31/2019

About Councilmember Peltier

Born in Seattle, 1951.  Moved with my family to Bainbridge in 1965.  My Dad, Louie, was a much liked meat cutter at the Village Foods which closed in the late 1980s. Bainbridge Island was the best thing ever, next to meeting my wife, Polly Longworth, and the birth of my son, Reggie.  I attended Bainbridge High School and graduated in 1969.  During High School my main interests were fishing and other outdoor pursuits along with playing bass in a local rock band.  I wasn’t an ardent student but started keeping a journal and discovered the power of language, critical thinking, and introspection.  At Olympic College in Bremerton I further developed my writing skills, studied art, and discovered an aptitude for philosophy.  

After college I started a carpentry career on Bainbridge Island specializing in small jobs, repairs, and remodeling.  The 1970-90s was a time of change on the Island as the youth culture of the ‘70’s giving way to a more gentrified fast pace.  I remember the “Keep Bainbridge Rural” and “Home Rule” movements, push back to the rapid growth and the loss of our island’s special character in the 1980s.  The concerns that inspired Island incorporation as a city, loss of special character and environmental degradation, translated into our new city’s first and fifth overriding principles: preserve the special character of the Island and maintain its environmental resources at a sustainable level.  These ideals are at the heart of why I decided to offer my services as a member of the Bainbridge Island City Council.

Since meeting my wife, Polly Longworth, in 1983 we have strived to live a life together that is respectful of the land and community. Polly is a natural cyclist, who thought nothing of inviting me to join her on a 1,400 mile bike trip the first summer I knew her (1985).  She rode her bike on a seven mile trip to town the day before she gave birth to our son, Reggie, in 1989, and hauled him around the Island in a bike trailer soon after he was born. Polly and I were volunteers at the Island’s early recycling center.  I helped found the Bainbridge Island Food Coop.  Caretaking a ten acre property at the SW corner of Valley and Madison, near Rolling Bay, we lived in a small quonset style house with an outdoor shower. We grew organic vegetables, tended fruit trees, pulled scotch broom, and otherwise did our best to take care of the property. In 2000 Polly, Reggie, and I moved across the street and later built our own house at “Valley Road Farm”. We are included in the 2002 book by photographer Joel Sackett, “In Praise of Island Stewards” published by the Association of Bainbridge Communities, ABC.

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