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Public Safety Committee - Citizen Volunteer Application


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    1. The mission of the Public Safety Committee (PSC) is to serve as an on-going City-led communications bridge between the community and the Bainbridge Island Police Department.

      Recently, the City Council changed the committee’s membership structure; beginning mid-year 2019 committee membership will consist of five members, of which three are Councilmembers and two are members of the public.

      Requirements for membership from the public are i) successfully completing the Department's Citizens' Police Academy, ii) passing a background check, and iii) passing an interview by the sitting PSC members. Diversity will be sought, with terms of service staggered. Terms will begin in July. The PSC meets quarterly in the early evening.

      If you are interested in applying to be a member of this committee, please complete the form below.

      Please note: once submitted, this application becomes a public record. Your address and contact information will not be shared.