How do I get vaccinated?
  • If you have a primary care provider, you may be contacted by provider directly when they have vaccines available at their practice.
  • If you are a resident of Bainbridge Island and eligible for a vaccine, you may request an appointment online when the City announces upcoming vaccine clinics. A link to schedule an appointment will be shared on this page, along with the date, time, and location of the vaccine clinic. 

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1. Am I eligible to receive the vaccine?
2. How do I get vaccinated?
3. Which vaccine is available on Bainbridge Island?
4. How much does the vaccine cost?
5. Is there a waitlist?
6. Do I still need to wear my mask after I am vaccinated?
7. Why don’t some providers currently have vaccines?
8. When will providers know if they will be receiving vaccines?
9. Can I get vaccinated if I’m not a current patient of the Bainbridge Island providers?
10. Do I have to go to the same provider for my second shot of the COVID vaccine?