Island Center Subarea Planning Process Steering Committee

Information on Role of Councilmember Liaisons.

The Island Center Neighborhood Center is classified as a designated center in the City of Bainbridge Island Comprehensive Plan. The subarea planning process is outlined in Bainbridge Island Municipal Code (BIMC) Section 2.16.210 (PDF). City Council appointed a steering committee composed mostly of residents and business owners (listed below)  in or nearby Island Center.  The Island Center Subarea Planning project page is here.

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Subarea Planning Steering Committee.

  1. Upon the city council’s approval to commence the subarea planning process for a designated center or neighborhood, the mayor, with confirmation by the city council, shall appoint a subarea planning steering committee for that designated center or neighborhood. The steering committee shall be comprised of an odd number of members, totaling no more than nine, with the total number of members to be determined by the city council. The majority of the committee shall be comprised of representatives from categories in subsections E2.a and E2.b of this section. The term of the steering committee members shall be until the completion of the subarea planning process under this chapter.
  2. The steering committee shall represent a wide spectrum of interests and expertise and shall include at least one representative from each of the following groups:
    1. Residents living within and/or owners of property or businesses within the designated center or neighborhood; and
    2. Residents and owners of property located adjacent to the designated center or neighborhood; and
    3. Residents of and/or business owners in the city, not residing within or adjacent to the designated center or neighborhood.
  3. The steering committee shall:
    1. Establish a planning process consistent with this chapter for developing the subarea plan, which shall include a work plan, timeline, and budget, and which shall be submitted to the city council for approval;
    2. With the advice and assistance of the interdepartmental staff team, develop a subarea plan consisting of a report and a proposed comprehensive plan amendment, if appropriate, for the designated center or neighborhood;
    3. As a part of the work plan, establish a public participation process that includes public meetings in addition to the initial public meeting conducted under subsection F of this section, and work with city staff to ensure outreach to the community during the subarea planning process; and
    4. Ensure that the subarea planning process provides adequate opportunity for participation by property owners and residents who live in or near the designated center or neighborhood.