Information & Statistics

The Bainbridge Island Police Department is committed to providing accurate and timely information to those we serve.  Explore this page to peruse data and find out more about the work we do.  If you have questions, or are looking for certain statistics you can't find, send us an email and we'll do our best to get it for you.


Good policy is the foundation for public safety operations. It is a critical component that ensures fairness, consistency, and provides guidance for police response. BIPD policies are based on national standards and best practices, comply with state and federal laws, and comply with court rulings. Our policy manual is continuously reviewed and updated and the practices of the department are reviewed for compliance with those policies.- Joseph N. Clark, Chief of Police.

In response to requests from members of the Bainbridge community, the link below guides you to the latest version of BIPD's policy manual.  Contact Chief of Police Joseph Clark if you have questions or want more information via email or by calling 206-842-5211. 

BIPD Policy-Manual

Calls for Service

Ever wonder what the police do?  The type of calls we get?  The most prevalent crimes on Bainbridge Island? If so, you might enjoy reviewing a breakdown of calls for service by month.  If you have any questions, send us an email.

Customer Survey Program

Since 2012, the BIPD has been sending out 20 surveys at random each month to individuals who had contact with a member of the department during the previous month.  The intent of the survey is to give the citizens we serve an opportunity to evaluate how we’re doing. Respondents are provided with a postage paid return envelope and survey answers are anonymous.  The response rate continues to be encouraging and we thank everyone who received a survey and took the time to respond. Your feedback helps us recognize our successes and identify areas that need improvement. Below are survey results to date:

* In 2020, no surveys were mailed in May or June.  This was due in part to a reduced number of calls for service and a purposefully reduced number of self-generated interactions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, although responses continued to arrive based on surveys sent earlier in the year.  The practice of mailing surveys began again in July.

Professional Standards Report

The Bainbridge Island Police Department issues an annual publication called a Professional Standards Report which provides an overview of the department, a summary of outreach efforts and performance measures, and a review and analysis of complaints, uses of force, officer-involved collisions, pursuits, and bias-based policing.  (This document was formerly called an Annual Report.)  The publication also includes highlights regarding to training and professional development, notable events and more.