Wyatt Way Reconstruction Phase 1

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Project Overview

The Wyatt Way Reconstruction and Safety Improvement project will improve safety for people walking, biking, rolling and driving along Wyatt Way between the Madison Avenue intersection and Lovell Avenue.  The project includes the construction of new sidewalks and bike lanes and a “mini roundabout" at the Wyatt Way-Madison Avenue intersection. Construction started mid-June 2020 and completion is anticipated in March 2021.

Current Project News

Jan 7 Update: The wet weather the last couple weeks has slowed progress on the Wyatt Way Reconstruction project, but we are hopeful the contractor will complete the storm drainage improvements near the Wyatt Way-Madison Avenue intersection by the end of next week.  

The decision to start the demolition of streets and sidewalks for construction of the new facilities, including the roundabout, is centered on the upcoming weather forecast and the ability to maintain proper erosion control measures.

The current project schedule still proposes that the project will be substantially complete in March.

Wyatt Way will likely remain open in both directions through next week, and any forthcoming revisions to the detour routes will be communicated as far in advance as possible.  

Upper Grow Avenue remains closed while the staff work through the design and implementation of traffic calming measures, which will be implemented later this month in a phased approach along the entire corridor from Winslow Way to High School Road.

Dec. 23 Update: To ease congestion in Winslow, and with striping applied today (12/23), the City is opening Wyatt Way in both directions.  

Drivers can expect temporary detour routes as follows:

  • Wyatt is completely open in two directions; however, on Monday, Dec 28, Wyatt will be closed between Grow & Madison.  It’s suggested taking Winslow Way to Grow or Madison to High School as a detour.  
  • Grow is, and will remain, open south of Wyatt.  

City staff are developing a plan for the incremental addition of temporary traffic calming measures on both upper and lower Grow, which are expected to be in place in early January.  Once those measures are in place, upper Grow will also be open to traffic in two directions.  

The City’s project management staff anticipates that the project will be substantially completed in March. We appreciate the community’s patience during this project as we work to make safety improvements that will benefit everyone.
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Detour Routes

Detour routes are posted on the weekly Traffic Notification page here.

Key Features


Key features of improvements along Wyatt Way, between Madison Avenue and Lovell Avenue, include: 

  • New and wider sidewalks on both sides of Wyatt Way 
  • 5-foot-wide bicycle lanes and street paving on both sides of Wyatt Way 
  • Improved ADA ramps and street crossings
  • Improved lighting, landscaping, and rainwater quality improvements
  • Upgrades to water infrastructure: replacement of a water main between Grow Avenue and Nicholson Place

Overview of the “mini roundabout" at  the Wyatt Way-Madison Ave intersection
The Wyatt Way-Madison Avenue intersection, a main thoroughfare for people getting to and from the south end and into downtown, continues to see traffic congestion and is one of the most heavily used intersections on the island. Part of the project planning included developing a solution for increased wait times at the intersection. As far back as 2015, the City’s Comprehensive Plan identified that the intersection did not meet standards.

A roundabout was proposed at the Wyatt-Madison intersection to improve traffic flow by creating more consistency in vehicle movements through the intersection. In addition, pedestrian crossings will be made safer by shortening the crosswalk distance and reducing points of conflict between people and cars.  See diagram below: 

One of the most distinct differences between the Wyatt Way-Madison Avenue roundabout and other roundabouts, including the one at High School Road, is the size. The “mini roundabout” at the Wyatt-Madison intersection functions the same, but it’s smaller due to limited space and to preserve large trees in the area. A mini roundabout is appropriate for addressing small- to medium-size traffic volumes.


How to use the “mini roundabout" 

  • Pedestrians: People crossing the street should look to their left and right before entering the crosswalk. You will no longer need to look across for turning vehicles. 
  • Bicyclists: People on bikes can ride in the roundabout with cars if they feel safe or they can ride up a bicycle ramp to the widened sidewalk as they approach the intersection and use the crosswalk. 
  • Cars: Drivers approaching the roundabout should be aware of pedestrians waiting to cross the street and then look left for oncoming vehicles before entering the roundabout. 
  • Buses and fire trucks: Drivers of larger buses and fire trucks may need to drive over a portion of the center island of the roundabout, which is specifically designed for such use. 

Project Timeline

  3. COnstruction


State Transportation Improvement Board Grant$2,516,000
COBI General Fund$1,492,351
COBI Water Utility$322,500




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