The Planning Commission has been working diligently to incorporate public input into revised draft versions of the elements of the Comprehensive Plan. The draft elements will be reviewed by the Planning Commission and then recommended to the City Council. It is expected that City Council will review the draft elements fall of 2016.

The draft elements are below. Questions or comments may be emailed.

Draft Elements of the Comprehensive Plan Update

Planning Commission

Kimberly McCormick Osmond, Position 1

Email Kimberly McCormick Osmond
Term Expires: June 2020

Mack Pearl, Chair, Position 2

Email Mack Pearl
Term Expires: June 2020

Don Doman, Position 3

Email Don Doman
Term Expires: June 2019

Jon Quitslund, Position 4

Email Jon Quitslund
Term Expires: June 2018

William Chester, Position 5

Email William Chester
Term Expires: June 2019

Lisa Macchio, Position 6

Email Lisa Macchio
Term Expires: June 2019

Michael Killion, Position 7

Email Michael Killion
Term Expires: June 2019

Sarah Blossom, Council Liaison

Email Sarah Blossom