Manitou Beach Drive Parking Project


The City is considering providing a small parking area and other amenities on Manitou Beach Drive for the purpose of increasing visual and physical access to the waterfront.

Project Status

Planning & Design

At the June 2, 2015 City Council Study Session (PDF), staff presented an updated design (PDF) to provide public parking and better public access at Manitou Beach. Following presentations, and receiving public comments, the City Council approved the final design and added the project to the 2015 Capital Improvement Plan. See Press Release (PDF) dated June 3, 2015.

Over the last few months, the City has been considering providing a small gravel parking area across from Manitou Beach on Manitou Beach Drive for the purpose of increasing visual and physical access to the waterfront. This project was endorsed by the City Council in December, 2014 (PDF). The City hosted a public meeting to discuss features of the proposed parking area on March 25, 2015. After the public meeting City staff worked to incorporate the input received into the redesign of the project.


The proposed design includes a small parking lot with four stalls, two bike racks and a boardwalk that can be used to provide a safe and accessible connection to the beach. The location of the small parking lot has been shifted toward the front of the site in the current design to respond to citizens' desires to have an increased buffer between the lot and the neighboring wetlands, as well as to provide for increased accessibility and visibility. Two bikes racks will now be available at the site for those that wish to secure their bikes and enjoy the beach.

Additionally, the City will construct a boardwalk that will provide safe and easy access to the beach. Currently, visitors to Manitou Beach must traverse a ditch in order reach the public shoreline. The boardwalk will make the beach more easily accessed by all residents, as well as those that wish to use the beach to launch hand-carried watercraft.

March 25, 2015 Community Meeting

Community meeting was held in the Council Chambers.

Project Update

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