Washington Smile Partners

Smiles for Life is a special program of Smile Partners on Bainbridge Island. It offers preventive dental services to seniors at an affordable cost and convenient location. These services are provided by a licensed dental hygienist at the Waterfront Park Community Center every Friday.


At each preventive appointment, patients receive a blood pressure screening, a head, neck and oral cancer screening, an assessment for decay and periodontal (gum) disease, a cleaning, or, if needed, a scaling and root planing (“deep cleaning”). Preventive agents like fluoride may be applied.

These services are designed to keep the mouth healthy as long as they are performed regularly, so patients are encouraged to make and keep frequent appointments with the Smiles for Life staff. The visit does not take the place of a dental exam by a professional dentist. Crowns, root canals, dentures and other complex restorative procedures performed by a dentist are not included in this program.

However, Smile Partners staff can make referrals to island dentists who may consider affordable treatment options on a case by case basis.