Housing Resources Bainbridge

Housing Resources Bainbridge (HRB)

Since its inception in 1989, Housing Resources Bainbridge has added or preserved 140 units of affordable housing to the housing stock of Bainbridge.

We own and operate 89 units of rental housing; and steward 46 homes in our Community Land Trust Homeownership Program.   

In addition HRB works to create lasting impacts by providing a continuum of housing support programs to address the full range of needs experienced in the community. These services include:

  • Providing assistance to those searching for rental housing
  • Home Share program,
  • Independent Living program
  • Home Ownership Program


HRB’s mission serves all citizens on Bainbridge Island by working to sustain a healthy community that is diverse and allows for many different groups to live, work and contribute here.

City of Bainbridge Island Supported Programs

Home Sharing Program

The Home Share program is the ultimate sustainable housing – nothing has to be built! Home Share provides an innovative and simple model to help – neighbor to neighbor. The program matches people who have space in their homes with people who need lower-cost housing. Sometimes the Home Provider needs extra income, sometimes they will accept some help around the home in exchange for part of the rent. This program has enjoyed consistent funding from the City of Bainbridge Island as well as private grants and donations.

Women with a Dog
  • A young woman just graduating from college in another part of the country found a job at a local daycare on the Island. She called from the Midwest asking about housing. She had a job when she got here but no place to live. Our Homeshare program matched her with a woman who had a small home in Winslow where the young woman could be close to her job and to services. The home provider even went so far as to meet her at the airport when she arrived! She was able to work on the Island and eventually moved into her own place:

    “Thank you for helping me from day one! Your help has made a difference in my life and I am very grateful.”

Independent Living Program

The Independent Living program makes adaptations to your homes to meet the challenges of continuing to reside independently. HRB engages an occupational therapist if relevant and often can assess living situations which medical professionals do not have the opportunity to see in the home. Contact HRB to learn about resources including available funding for Bainbridge Island residents to improve accessibility and to meet health and safety needs at home.

Elderly Couple
  • Tim is now able to come and go with his entry and walkway modified by Independent Living. Newly installed hand rails, smoke detectors and a shower grab bar provide him essential security. In 2016 Tim became homebound without any assistance due to an unsafe entry to his home and the loss of family assistance. Independent Living joined with BIFD and IVC to bring community resources to Tim. With support of the community Tim is receiving volunteer assistance for medical transportation and his future needs.