Zoning Regulations for Medical and Recreational Marijuana-related Uses

In November 2012, Washington voters passed 1-502, directing the state government to regulate and tax adult recreational marijuana use. I-502 delineates three categories for this regulated business: marijuana producers (growing the plant); processors (incorporating the plant into edibles, liquids, or packaged bud ready for retail); and retailers (running the shops where marijuana products are sold). Under I-502, marijuana businesses must be located at least 1000 feet away from sensitive uses such as schools, libraries, and parks.

The City may adopt zoning regulations for marijuana-related businesses. On November 25, 2013, the City Council approved Ordinance 2013-32 (PDF), adopting six-month interim regulations for marijuana processing and retailing and a moratorium on production. The City will begin work on permanent marijuana regulations in early 2014. The Liquor Control Board (LCB) began a 30-day window accepting marijuana business applications on November 18th. The LCB has allocated the City one marijuana retail license.

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission discussed permanent marijuana zoning regulations over several meetings and made a recommendation with a minority report on draft regulations to the City Council.

City Council

The City Council adopted Ordinance 2014-06 (PDF), adopting zoning regulations for marijuana-related businesses. On June 2, the City Council authorized amending Ordinance 2014-06 and removed the sunset date of November 2014.

Planning Commission Review Packets

City Council Review