Zoning Regulations for Medical and Recreational Marijuana-related Uses


In November 2012, Washington voters passed 1-502, directing the state government to regulate and tax adult recreational marijuana use. I-502 delineates three categories for this regulated business: marijuana producers (growing the plant); processors (incorporating the plant into edibles, liquids, or packaged bud ready for retail); and retailers (running the shops where marijuana products are sold). Under I-502, marijuana businesses must be located at least 1000 feet away from sensitive uses such as schools, libraries, and parks.

Marijuana-related uses on Bainbridge Island

The City Council approved Ordinance 2014-06 (PDF) in 2014, adopting zoning regulations for marijuana-related businesses. Marijuana related uses are permitted only in the Business/Industrial zone (BIMC 18.09.020). See also BIMC 18.09.030.K for additional regulations specific to marijuana production, processing and retail uses.

City Zoning Map With 1000-foot Buffer to Sensitive Uses (PDF) 
City's Interactive Mapping Application