When to Call 911

When emergencies happen, most of us know to dial 911 for help.  It may come as a surprise, but Kitsap County residents can call 911 for other reasons too:

• To report a crime in progress, or report a crime that already happened

• To report a life-threatening situation of any kind

• To report fire, smoke in a building, or a smoke/CO detector going off

• To report motor vehicle collisions (as a witness, or if you are involved)

• To report injuries requiring emergency medical attention

• To report mental or physical illness requiring emergency medical response

• To report chemical spills, sparking electrical hazards, or natural gas leaks

• To report dangerous or threatening animals

• To report suspicious activity, suspicious persons, or vandalism

• To speak with a police officer for any reason

When you call, the dispatcher will ask you what you are reporting.  Simply let them know if your call is not an emergency, and they will prioritize your call accordingly.