Programs & Services

Alarm Registrations

To reduce the number of false alarms, the Bainbridge Island City Council enacted a False Alarm Ordinance in 2003 requiring that owners of burglary, robbery, or panic alarms installed at their premises register their system and pay a one-time registration fee. Additional charges were also established for repeat false alarms.  Details are published in the City’s Fee Schedule.

To register your alarm, please complete an Alarm Registration Form and mail it to BIPD, 625 Winslow Way E, Bainbridge Island, WA, 98110 with a check payable to CoBI. If you prefer, you may email the form instead and call us with your credit card number at 206-842-5211 to make payment. Please partner with us to reduce false alarms!

Animal/Pet Licensing

Per Chapter 6.08 of the Bainbridge Island Municipal Code, dog owners must obtain a license for their pet (cat licensing is optional). There is a nominal one-time fee if your animal is spayed or neutered. If your dog is intact, there the fee is higher and must be paid every year for the life of the animal (or until they are spayed or neutered). Please see the City's Fee Schedule for current rates.

To license your animal, please complete a Pet Licensing Form and mail it to BIPD, 625 Winslow Way E, Bainbridge Island, WA, 98110 with a check payable to CoBI. If you prefer, you may email the form instead and call us with your credit card number at 206-842-5211.  Animal/pet licenses may also be purchased at the Day Road Animal Hospital and the Kitsap Humane Society in Silverdale.

Concealed Pistol Licenses

Residents of Bainbridge Island applying for a Concealed Pistol License (CPL) for the first time must do so in person. You may fill out the form in advance, and and bring it with you to your appointment.  Payment can be made by check, cash, or credit card.

Residents of Bainbridge Island who want to renew an existing CPL may do so by mail if they prefer.  Send the renewal application to BIPD, 625 Winslow Way E, BI, WA, 98110.  Please include a copy of your current driver's license, a copy of your current CPL if you have it, and a check or money order payable to CoBI for the amount due.  Don't forget to include your return address so we can mail your renewal back to you.  If you prefer to renew in person, please contact us to schedule an appointment.

Here is a link to the Concealed Pistol License application. The same application is used for new CPLs and renewals.

If you are not a Bainbridge Island resident, you must apply for your CPL with the law enforcement agency in your city of residence.  If you live in unincorporated Kitsap County, you need to go through the Kitsap County Sheriff's Office.

Criminal History Check

Do you need a criminal history or background check for employment or for some other reason? Visit Washington State Patrol's Washington Access to Criminal History (WATCH). For a nominal fee, you can get criminal history information including convictions, arrests less than a year old with dispositions pending, and information regarding registered sex and kidnap offenders. This information reflects criminal history in the state of Washington only.

Fingerprinting Services

The Bainbridge Island Police Department operates a LiveScan fingerprinting system, but if you need a hard card, we can do that for you too. Getting fingerprints generally takes just a few minutes, but we request that you make an appointment.  Please call 206-842-5211 to schedule a convenient time. Remember to bring photo ID.

Lost & Found

If you lost something, call 206-842-5211 or email us to see if your lost item has been turned in. If not, we can take your name and number and a description of the item in case someone turns it in down the road. We also recommend checking with Bainbridge Island City Hall at 206-842-7633 and the Bainbridge Island Chamber of Commerce at 206-842-3700.  Found items are frequently turned in at those locations.

If you found property belonging to someone else, please call 911 to report it. An officer will contact you and make arrangements to meet and receive the item(s) from you.

Medication Disposal

You are welcome to drop off unwanted medication at the station between 8AM and 4PM Monday through Friday except Federal holidays. If you have a large quantity, please call ahead 206-842-5211 to ensure there is room available in the bin.

PLEASE: No sharps, intravenous solutions, injectables, syringes, or medical waste. Those items are not accepted in the medication bin.  Contact the Kitsap Public Health District for instructions on how to properly dispose of those items and preferred drop-off locations.

Parking Program for Downtown Businesses

Business owners in the downtown Winslow area may obtain parking passes for their employees at discounted rates through the Bainbridge Island Police Department. The EMPLOYER must submit an application to participate before any employee applications will be accepted.

There are two permit periods. One runs from May 1 to October 31 and the other runs from November 1 to April 30. Starting in 2024, permits are $24 for a full permit period and are pro-rated for those joining the program part-way through.

Participants should read the Program Rules and Information to avoid parking fines!

Here is a MAP which clearly identifies the areas in which you are permitted to park.

Employer Participation Form

Employee Participation Form

Contact Parking Enforcement Officer Ken Lundgren if you have any questions about parking or the parking program, by calling 206-780-4664 or sending him an email.

Public Records Requests

If you would like a copy of your collision report, your case report, or any other type of law enforcement public record, we recommend using the City of Bainbridge Island's NextRequest program. If you do not wish to use NextRequest, you may also make your request in person, by phone 206-842-5211 or by sending us an email.


If you are interested in the opportunity to ride along with a police officer during a regular patrol shift, please fill out a Ride Along Application. You will be asked to sign a waiver and will undergo a background check before permission is granted.

Completed applications must be delivered in person to the Bainbridge Island Police Department, 625 Winslow Way East, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110 unless you are applying for employment with the City of Bainbridge Island, in which case your application should be  provided to the Civil Service Secretary/Chief Examiner. Bring photo ID with you when arrive for your ride-along.

Security Assessments

The Bainbridge Island Police Department is pleased to offer security assessments to residents, business owners, and organizations who are interested in having an independent evaluation of their business, building, or site. The assessment is complimentary, and the intent is to help you improve the safety and security of your building or premises safeguarding against theft and vandalism. To arrange for a security assessment, please call 206-842-5211 or request one via email.

Sex Offender Search

The Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office is pleased to provide OffenderWatch® to the citizens of Kitsap County. OffenderWatch® is is the nation’s leading sex offender management and community notification tool that provides the most accurate and timely information available regarding registered sex offenders. It’s completely free. Visit Kitsap County Sheriff’s Alerts website to get started.

Special Event Permits

Special event permits regulate events to protect the public’s health, safety, and welfare, and are required for parades, processions, and other assemblies of more than 30 people occurring on public streets and public property per Chapter 12.06 of the Bainbridge Island Municipal Code.  Examples of special events are races, runs, walks, fairs, block parties, fundraisers, festivals or community celebrations, and private events held on public (City-owned) property.

Not sure if you need a special event permit?  Answer the following questions to find out:

• Are you planning a parade or a dance on public property?

• Do you want to close all or part of a public roadway prior to, during, or after the event?

• Do you want to barricade or close part of a sidewalk prior to, during, or after the event?

• Do you want to host an event on City-owned (public) property?

• Do you plan on having more than 30 participants using public sidewalks or roadways?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you likely need a Special Event Permit from the City of Bainbridge Island. Please mail or hand-deliver a completed Special Event Permit Application to the Bainbridge Island Police Department at least 30 days before the event date. The application outlines which fees apply and what information we require.  We will review the application and contact you immediately if we have questions or need more information. If you have questions, contact Public Safety Administrative Supervisor Barbara Burns at 206-780-4661 or send her an email.

Traffic Emphasis Requests

In response to numerous complaints about speeding and other traffic issues, the BIPD established a Traffic Emphasis program to help address, track and reduce persistent problems. The program consists of targeted patrols, additional police presence, mobile reader boards and more. If you wish to report a problem area, give us a call at 206-842-5211 or send us an email explaining the issue.  We will be glad to provide extra emphasis. No form is required.

Vacation House Checks

As a courtesy to island residents, officers are available to perform periodic checks of your home or office while you are out of town. There is no charge for this service, but we do ask that you complete a Vacation House Check form which provides us with your emergency contact information and other important details. This form must be filled out and submitted in person with valid identification. You are not eligible for this service if your house is unoccupied and under construction, unoccupied and listed for sale or rent, or if you have given permission for anyone to be there for any length of time (e.g. pet sitters, groundskeepers, house cleaners, house-sitters, friends or family members). Additionally, you must be away from your home for a minimum of three days, and a maximum of 30.

Welfare Checks

If you are concerned about the welfare of someone who lives on the island and you haven't been able to reach them, ask us for a welfare check. An officer will be dispatched to the person’s home in an attempt to make contact with them and see if they're okay. This service is especially helpful for those living off island who have elderly parents they are unable to reach by phone. If you call from within Kitsap County, dial 911. If you are calling from outside Kitsap County, dial 360-308-5400.