Building Inspections

Building inspections may be scheduled by logging into your portal account at the Online Permit Center, emailingcontractors or calling 206.780.3789.

Please note:  Kitsap Public Health District does not use the Online Permit Center for inspection requests.  Visit KPHD's website to request a connection inspection. Connection inspections are typical when a structure is being connected to an existing septic system.  Ideally, this inspection should be done when the connection is complete and still uncovered.  Connection permits are usually purchased from KPHD at the beginning of a project. 

Note:  This type of inspection does NOT include new septic installations.  New septic connection inspections are typically requested by the installer or septic designer.

Please contact Kitsap Public Health District for more information regarding inspection requirements or if the connection has already been covered.

Kitsap Public Health District:  360.728.2235


Inspection Checklists

To help better prepare you for your inspection, the City had developed these helpful checklists. While they do not cover every code requirement that may apply to your particular job, they are the most common areas for correction.

Planners and inspectors can continue to be reached by email and phone (see staff directory).


The Online Permit Center allows you to do the following online:

  • Check the status of a permit
  • Apply for a permit (some restrictions apply)
  • Schedule an inspection
  • View inspection schedule
  • Pay permit fees

Inspection Requests

Can I schedule an inspection during the time that the Governor’s Order is in place? 

  • In striving to meet the needs of the community during this time in a manner that complies with the Order, the City is providing limited inspection services.
  • Prior to moving forward with any work which requires inspection, please check with one of our inspectors by calling (206) 780-3789 for additional information and guidance. Depending on the work as related to the Governor’s Order, you may or may not be able to schedule an inspection or may be directed to provide additional information for clarification purposes.
  • We are offering some alternative inspection processes on a case by case basis with very specific criteria which must be followed. Consult with your inspector related to these alternatives.