Annual Roads Preservation Program


The City of Bainbridge Island maintains a 140-mile road network. Each year, the City invests an average of $650,000 to preserve and protect island roads. The budget includes $400,000 from Transportation Benefit Fund (TBF or car-tab fees) revenues, and the remainder is supported by the City’s Street Fund.

The 2021 road work will include grinding and patching (see list of locations on the map). This technique provides a long-term fix for uneven pavement or other defects in the road and creates a smoother surface for driving.

Road Assessment:   The City uses a Pavement Condition Index (PCI) and traffic volumes to rate the conditions of the road network and to determine where road maintenance will happen. The PCI ranks the overall health of a pavement segment on a scale of 0 to 100 (0 represents a failed street; 100 represents a new street). The PCI rating is determined by a visual inspection of pavement condition, age, and distress.

The City wants to maintain an average PCI score of 70, which is a condition in line with best management practices. As of May 2020, our average score was 62. The current score reflects the fact that many of our high-volume roads are in good shape, but many smaller low-traffic roads are in need of repairs. The City strives to keep the higher-volume roads from deteriorating while addressing smaller roads—and the associated neighborhood concerns— over the long-term.

The 2021-2022 biennial budget for annual roads addresses both high- and low-volume roads, using the overall PCI score of the roads as the primary driver for prioritization. The 2021 program will focus on more widely used roads with a pavement score of less than 40, and the 2022 program will focus on smaller roads with a pavement score of less than 25. The City’s last pavement condition report recommended spending a minimum of $1 million annually on pavement preservation.

Each year, the City invests an average of $650,000 in its street maintenance program. The budget includes roughly $400,000 from the Transportation Benefit Fund (TBF) revenues and the remainder is supported through the City’s General Fund.


The 2021 Annual Roads Program will consist of grind and overlay.

The bid opening was held on June 29 and staff anticipates award at the July 13 City Council meeting.  The project is estimated to last till the end of the summer.

  • See 2021 location map here.

Traffic:  During construction, local access will be maintained with intermittent delays. Detour routes will be posted. 


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