Annual Roads Preservation Program

The 2020 Asphalt Repair project began during the week of July 27 and was substantially completed by August 6.  In November, Grotle Road will be paved with remaining funds from the project.  Scroll below to see the location map.

Project Description

The City provides annual road maintenance to preserve and protect Island roadways. The Annual Roads Preservation program consists of two options each year:

  • Grinding and patching roadways, or
  • Chip sealing

The City determines which roads to repair based on the Pavement Condition Index (PCI) score and the amount of traffic. 

Grinding and patching techniques provide a long-term solution for fixing uneven pavement or other defects in the road. When the roads are patched, it creates a smoother surface for driving. Grinding and patching extends the life of the road when a full road repair is not an option. 

Chip sealing is the process of applying a coat of asphalt oil and finely crushed rock over the existing pavement. This restores the street surface to protect the roadway from water and weather damage. Chip sealing is a cost-effective way to extend the life of a road and save significant funds on future road repair costs.

Each year, the City invests an average of $500,000 in asphalt repair work. Regular maintenance keeps roads from reaching the point where they need costly reconstruction. In coming years, the City will need to consider the source of funding for these reoccurring investments, as the previous source– vehicle license fees levied by the City’s Transportation Benefit District (TBD) – is likely to be eliminated as a result of a voter-approved initiative impacting the state TBD regulations.

2020 Asphalt Repair Program

See below Asphalt Repair Map for 2020 and also addition of Grotle Road:

November 2020 - Grotle Road Paving:  

  • A contractor hired by the City will pave Grotle Road with remaining funds from the 2020 Annual Roads Program. The asphalt paving is expected to start in 3rd week of November. Operations & Maintenance staff will prep the road surface approximately one week prior to paving. The paving is expected to take 1 to 2 days (weather permitting). The road will be closed except to local traffic and deliveries. On-site notices will be posted. Construction hours are typically between 7 AM & 7 PM.  
  • Change order #2 for the addition of Grotle Road was approved by City Council on October 27 with approval on November 10th.
  • Grotle Road pulverizing & grading is scheduled to start Wednesday, 11/18 & pave on 11/19 thru 11/20, weather permitting.  On site notices will be posted. 
  • November 20:  Grotle Road paving is complete.
  • Click here for Grotle Road Location Map.


  • In 2020, the City patched roads via asphalt with no chip sealing this year.  See map below for the 2020 Roads Program location map  The road repair began during the week of July 27th and was substantially complete by August 6.

Location Map Final - Road Repairs_080320 Opens in new window

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