2019 Comprehensive Plan Amendment Process

The City of Bainbridge Island will be accepting requests to amend the Comprehensive Plan during January and February 2019 as part of the amendment process established by the Bainbridge Island Municipal Code (BIMC) Chapter 2.16.190. Prior to submittal of an amendment request, a preapplication conference is required in accordance with BIMC 2.16.020.I.  

Comprehensive Plan Amendment (CPA) Submittal Information

There is a two-step process to submit a CPA Application:

  1. To submit a preapplication conference request, call or email Senior Planner Jennifer Sutton, AICP at (206) 780-3772, or email pcd@bainbridgewa.gov. Click here for a Preapplication Conference Request Form:
  2. Click here for the CPA Application

Additional submittal requirements for CPA applications can be found in the Administrative Manual for Planning Permits (page 33).

CPA Application Fees:

Preapplication Conference Request:  $500

CPA Application:         Site Specific - $1,526.00          

                                    Non-Site Specific - $265.00

Only applications that have completed preapplication conferences may be submitted during the acceptance period.  CPA Applications must be submitted to the Planning Department no later than 4:00 p.m. on February 28, 2019.

For further information, call Long Range Senior Planner Jennifer Sutton at (206) 780-3772 or email pcd@bainbridgewa.gov.