Proper Tree Care

Protect Trees During Construction

Construction of new homes or buildings can damage trees if special care is not taken. Excavation often cuts tree roots resulting in eventual death of trees meant to be preserved. Even the storage of building materials or heavy equipment near a tree can kill it. The damage might not appear until after construction is complete and the new owner has moved into the structure. Every builder should know the easy and practical methods of saving trees on construction lots. Learn about protecting trees during construction.

What Homeowners Should Know

Properly planting and pruning trees can be excellent "preventive medicine" for reducing the occurrence of defective, high-risk trees. By planting and pruning properly early in a tree's life, you can prevent or correct many of the problems that cause trees to fail as they mature. Improper pruning techniques can worsen the problem, and may ultimately result in the formation of cracks, decay, cankers, or poor tree architecture that lead to very high risk situations. Learn about planting, pruning, and tree care:

Certified Arborists

A certified arborist is knowledgeable about the needs of trees, and is trained and equipped to provide proper care. Consider hiring an arborist to assess the health of your trees, to provide advise on hazard trees, to consult on construction plans, and to assist with protection of trees during construction. If you plan to remove trees from your property, a certified arborist that is licensed and bonded is essential. Find a certified arborist in our area:

What Educators Can Do

Teachers and students can learn more about trees from Treelink.