Utility Billing

Water & Sewer

There are over 100 independent water companies on Bainbridge Island. Your property may be serviced by the City or by a community well or larger system. (See service area maps below.) At the City of Bainbridge Island, Finance & Administrative Services oversees utility billing whereas Public Works oversees the processes of water and sewer management.

COBI Utility Rates (per month)*:

Note:  Your utility billing always reflects two (2) months of service.
Bainbridge Island DowntownJan 1, 2022Jan 1, 2023
Water Base Rate - Single Family$12.70$13.98
Water Base Rate - Multi Family
$5.49 per unit$6.04 per unit

Plus charge per volume:

Water Volume: 100cf - 500cf$1.29 per 100$1.42 per 100

Water Volume: 501cf - 1,200cf$2.07 per 100$2.28 per 100

Water Volume: 1,201cf - 3,000cf$2.94 per 100$3.24 per 100

Water Volume: over 3,000cf$4.00 per 100$4.40 per 100
Sewer Base Rate - Single Family$43.54$47.94
Sewer Base Rate - Multi Family$38.14 per unit$41.99 per unit
Sewer Volume$7.43 per 100$8.18 per 100

2-Month Base Rate$112.48$123.84
SD #7$62.59$67.28
No Grinder$23.69$26.08

The national average water use for a family of four is approximately 1000 cubic feet (cf)1 each month. A home with an irrigation system can use considerably more. Apartment complexes use approximately 500 cf of water each month.  

100cf = 750 gallons. To place these measurements in perspective:
  • Average bath = 50 gallons
  • Average shower = 20 gallons

COBI Utility Billing Dates:

The City of Bainbridge Island bills utilities every other month. Each bill represents two (2) months of consumption. Billing is processed the first week of the month and payment is due the last day of the month in which it is billed.

Billing MonthArea BilledConsumption Dates
JanuaryArea A - FletcherOct 15 - Dec 15
FebruaryArea B - Wing PointNov 15 - Jan 15
MarchArea A - FletcherDec 15 - Feb 15
AprilArea B - Wing PointJan 15 - Mar 15
MayArea A - FletcherFeb 15 - Apr 15
JuneArea B - Wing PointMar 15 - May 15
JulyArea A - FletcherApr 15 - Jun 15
AugustArea B - Wing PointMay 15 - Jul 15
SeptemberArea A - FletcherJun 15 - Aug 15
OctoberArea B - Wing PointJul 15 - Sep 15
NovemberArea A - FletcherAug 15 - Oct 15
DecemberArea B - Wing PointSep 15 - Nov 15

Summer Sewer Averaging (SSA)

During the summer months, the City understands not all water consumption is going into the sewer as household waste water. The City recognizes water for gardens, landscaping, etc., goes into the ground or the drain at the street. Therefore from June 15th to September 15th of each year, sewer consumption rates are based on average winter consumption.

Available Rebates and Discounts

  • Low-Flow Toilet Rebate - If you are on the City’s sewer system and you replace a toilet that was installed before 1994, you may qualify for up to a $100 rebate. The date your toilet was manufactured is printed under the tank lid. (BIMC Chapter 13.14.110, Ordinance No. 99-23)
    • To apply for rebate, submit proof of purchase and installation to Utility Billing. Contact Utility Billing at (206) 780-8614 or finance@bainbridgewa.gov.
  • Low-Income Seniors/Low-Income Disabled Citizens - Bainbridge Island residents age 61 or older and who have a combined annual household income in an amount that qualifies them for property tax exemption under RCW 84.36.381(5) - currently $40,000 - and/or low-income disabled persons may qualify for the following discounted to their single-family residence utility bills (BIMC 13.16.082 through 086, Ordinance Nos. 92-26, 2005-26 and 2017-15, Resolution Nos. 2003-01, 2005-04, and 2005-26):
Water50% Reduction
Sewer50% Reduction
Storm Drain50% Reduction

Water Quality

If you have concerns or questions regarding the quality of your water, call COBI Public Works & Engineering, Operations & Maintenance at (206) 842-1212.

See reports below for 2021 testing:

Bainbridge Island Water Systems:


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City of Bainbridge Island Sewer Service Area:


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