Lien Search

The City of Bainbridge Island provides title and escrow companies with access to all utility account balances and lien information on properties serviced by the city.

Final Payoff Reports

It is no longer necessary to send faxes or emails to the City of Bainbridge Island requesting final payoff totals on utility accounts. Through this electronic search service, lien information and utility totals will automatically be calculated to your specified closing date.

Final payoff reports will be provided to you as a hard copy on an official city form. If the closing date changes, you can access the same property, again and again, for 70 days, free of additional fees.

Service Fees

There is a $25 service fee to the seller for all electronic lien searches and $35 for all manual lien searches (fax, mail, and phone). Direct access through the internet is the most efficient, timely, and convenient method for accessing utility account and lien information.


Not all of these liens are in the county records; therefore, it is suggested that your company access city utility and lien information prior to processing all Bainbridge Island closings. The City of Bainbridge Island has the potential of placing a lien on a parcel of property at any time through several legal processes.


To access this service through our secured information site, you will need to obtain an access code. Please contact us by email, or call 509-585-1431 to obtain free assistance in using this service.