City Manager Morgan Smith

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Morgan Smith was appointed as the City Manager in October, 2018 and has worked for the City of Bainbridge Island since 2010. The City Manager serves as the City’s chief executive officer, reporting to and appointed by the City Council. The City Manager and staff are responsible for the administration of City policies and the operation of all departments (Planning and Community Development, Public Works, Police, Finance, and Executive). Ms. Smith is an ICMA-Certified Manager, a designation shared by fewer than 250 women in the profession.


Previously, Ms. Smith served COBI as the Deputy City Manager for eight years. Ms. Smith and her family moved to Bainbridge Island from Atlanta, Georgia where she worked as the Chief of Strategic Planning for the City of Atlanta.

Ms. Smith received her master’s degree in Public Policy from Duke University and her bachelor’s degree in Economics and Political Science from Northwestern University.

Deputy City Manager Ellen Schroer

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Ellen Schroer became the Deputy City Manager in November 2018 and has worked for the City of Bainbridge Island since 2010. The Deputy City Manager is the primary point of contact for a range of community partners, including more than 25 local non-profits that receive City funding for human services, cultural programs, and tourism activities. 

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Ms. Schroer previously served as the City’s Director of Finance and Administrative Services. Prior to working at the City of Bainbridge Island, she worked in finance roles for the City of Seattle.

Ms. Schroer received her master’s degree in Public Administration from the University of Washington and her bachelor’s degree in German Language and Literature from Whitman College.

City Attorney Joe Levan

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The City Attorney plans, directs and supervises legal services for the City, providing counsel to the City Manager, City Council, staff and citizen committees and commissions. Other duties include participating in decisions related to general City policies and operations; the provision of legal advice to guide City policies, decisions, and activities; drafts and interprets City ordinances and resolutions; and negotiates contracts and agreements with outside governmental agencies and private concerns.


Deputy City Attorney Robbie Sepler

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The Deputy City Attorney works under the supervision, direction, and guidance of the City Attorney, and assists the City Attorney in planning and coordinating comprehensive legal services for the City. The Deputy City Attorney assists the City Attorney in providing counsel to the City Manager, City Council, and staff, as well as to City committees and commissions, regarding City policies, decisions, and activities. The Deputy City Attorney also assists the City Attorney in managing litigation brought on behalf of and against the City. Additionally, the Deputy City Attorney provides assistance regarding drafting and interpreting City ordinances, resolutions, policies, contracts, and other documents. The City has outside contracts for prosecution and defense services in Municipal Court. This position has a role in supporting the critical decision-making of the City Council and the City’s administration.


Christine Brown, CMC, City Clerk

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Christine Brown was appointed City Clerk on January 1, 2017 and has worked for the City of Bainbridge Island since 2006, first as Paralegal and then as Deputy City Clerk and Public Records Officer. The City Clerk coordinates the development of the City Council meeting agendas and is responsible for the smooth operation of City Council meetings, including compliance with the Washington Open Public Meetings Act.

City Clerk is the City's Public Records Officer and manages the City’s response to public records requests. The City Clerk also reviews and implements policies related to public records responses, monitors evolving legal requirements, and trains other City staff. Other responsibilities include updating the municipal code, posting legal notices, and receiving claims for damages, appeals, and lawsuits filed against the City.


Human Resources Manager Kate Brown

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The Human Resources Manager is responsible for developing, implementing, evaluating and administering the City’s personnel policies, programs, services and systems. The position oversees recruitment, benefits, development, performance management and employee and labor relations.

Emergency Management Coordinator Anne LeSage

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Anne LeSage was hired as the Emergency Management Coordinator for the City of Bainbridge Island in November 2018. The Emergency Management Coordinator develops and leads the City’s emergency management program in all phases, including mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. The City is working to be a recognized leader in emergency management in Washington State. Ms. LeSage is a Certified Emergency Manager by the International Association of Emergency Managers.

Previously, Ms. LeSage served as the Emergency Management Director at the University of California, Irvine.  Prior to working for UCI, Anne worked in Public Health Preparedness; holding positions in both Dallas County Health and Human Services and the Washington State Department of Health Public Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Program. Ms. LeSage moved to Bainbridge Island from Aliso Viejo, California.

Ms. LeSage received her master’s degree in Emergency Management from Jacksonville State University, her master’s degree in Public Health from University of North Carolina, Greensboro, and her bachelor’s degree in Community Health Education from California State University, Northridge. 


Deputy City Clerk/Records Management Coordinator Kelly Jahraus

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Kelly Jahraus is the Deputy City Clerk/Records Manager and has worked for the City of Bainbridge Island since 2006. The Deputy City Clerk performs a variety of administrative duties in support of the City Clerk, and acts as the City Clerk in her absence. Other responsibilities include the establishment, maintenance and scheduled disposition of official City records and files, and response to requests for such records. The Deputy City Clerk also serves as the City’s primary notary and coordinates insurance for City property.


Executive Assistant Rosalind “Roz” Lassoff

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Roz Lassoff has been working for the City of Bainbridge Island since 1993 and has held positions such as Administrative Assistant, Deputy City Clerk and City Clerk. In her new role as Executive Assistant, Ms. Lassoff performs a variety of highly responsible, complex and diverse duties by providing administrative, analytical and technical support to the City Manager and Executive Department. Ms. Lassoff handles confidential and sensitive information, manages assigned programs and projects, administers contracts and budgets, and provides general office management services.