Shoreline Master Program

The Shoreline Master Program (SMP) is the City's comprehensive plan for our shorelines which contains goals, policies, regulations and programs regarding use, development, conservation and restoration. The SMP is jointly adopted and administered by the City and the Washington State Department of Ecology under the Shoreline Management Act.The current SMP became effective in July 2014 after a comprehensive update process. 

Complete Official Version Ordinance 2014-04 Including Goals, Policies and Regulations)(PDF)

Current Amendments in Process

Critical Areas Ordinance Integration and Nonconforming Regulations

On November 24, 2020, the City Council approved Ordinance No. 2020-17, amending the City's Shoreline Master Program related to critical areas regulations and nonconforming structures, uses, and lots and amending several sections of Chapter 16.12 of the Bainbridge Island Municipal Code accordingly, as specifically identified in Exhibit A to this ordinance.

The SMP Amendment will become effective 14 days after final approval by the Department of Ecology. A copy of the submittal package sent to Ecology is available here. Following submittal by the City, Ecology will review the SMP Amendment in accordance with WAC 173-26-120, which provides a 30-day review period following a determination of completeness. 

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SMP Periodic Review

The Shoreline Management Act requires communities to complete a "periodic review" of their SMP every eight years.  This review is not a major update of the SMP like the City adopted in 2014.  Its purpose is to ensure the SMP is consistent with changes in state law and addresses errors, omissions and opportunities for improved clarity and readability.  A few additional substantive topics are planned to be addressed including flooding risk from sea level rise, aquaculture and possibly updating aquatic shoreline designations and procedures.

The Planning Commission started the periodic review process between May and July 2019.  Since then, the Department of Ecology (DOE) has extended the adoption date from June 2020 to June 30, 2021.  Due to the extended timeline, staffing changes and the COVID-19 pandemic, the City adopted an updated Public Participation Program and Work Plan on September 1, 2020.  An online open house is in development.  


Public Participation Program and Work Plan (updated 9/1/2020)

Share Your Feedback/Opportunities for Input

Public meetings, comment periods and public hearings will be posted here when available.

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