Shoreline Master Program

The Shoreline Master Program (SMP) establishes goals, policies and regulations for the shoreline jurisdiction of Bainbridge Island. The current SMP became effective in July 2014 after a comprehensive update process. The SMP is available in two versions:

Official shoreline designations are mapped (PDF).

SMP Periodic Review

The Washington State Shoreline Management Act requires communities to review their SMP every eight years.  This review includes evaluation of the City's current SMP and development of recommended amendments.

This review is not a major update of the SMP like the City adopted in 2014.  Its purpose is to ensure the SMP is consistent with changes in state law and address errors, omissions and opportunities for improved clarity and readability.

The Planning Commission has started the periodic review process.  There will be public outreach and engagement throughout the process including opportunities to comment on the proposed amendments.  There are two upcoming opportunities for comment at Planning Commission meetings (please check the Planning Commission agenda for times):

  • Thursday, June 27
  • Thursday, July 11

A public comment period and public hearing on the draft amendments will be held in fall 2019.  The proposal will be refined based on those public comments and provided to the City Council in early 2020 for review, amendment and adoption by the end of June 2020.  The Council's process will include additional public comment opportunities including a formal public hearing on the proposed amendments.

Updated information about the periodic review including schedules and opportunities for involvement, will be posted on this web page.

SMP Periodic Review Schedule of Topics

June 27, 2019

  • Overview of phased approach and Planning Commission review protocol.
  • Vegetation Management - Discussion Draft

July 11, 2019

  • Vegetation Management - Proposed Draft

SMP Periodic Review Background Materials

Planning Commission meeting materials will be posted here on the Friday prior to the scheduled meeting.  You are encouraged to submit written comments for Planning Commission consideration prior to the meeting.  

Please submit comments to:

or via postal mail to:  Planning & Community Development, 280 Madison Ave N, Bainbridge Island, WA  98110.

May 23, 2019 Planning Commission Agenda Packet

There are currently two other amendments to the SMP underway:

  • Limited amendment related to aquaculture - Locally adopted by City Council in October 2016, City staff is coordinating with the Washington Department of Ecology (Ecology) on potential required and recommended changes and Ecology's conditional approval for City Council consideration sometime in late spring 2019.
  • Amendment related to critical areas regulations and nonconforming uses, structures and lots - This draft amendment was approved by City Council in January 2019.  The entire submittal package was submitted to Ecology in April.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Christy Carr, AICP
Senior Planner