Housing Design Demonstration Projects

The Housing Design Demonstration Projects (HDDP) ordinance promotes development of green affordable housing projects to provide a greater diversity of housing options and affordability, while utilizing progressive sustainable development practices. The ordinance applies within the Winslow Sanitary Sewer System Service Area. The HDDP Program is described in BIMC 2.16.020.S.

The HDDP program expires on December 31, 2022.

The Planning Commission has been reviewing the following additional changes to the HDDP Program, Ordinance 2022-01. On June 9, 2022 the Planning Commission will have a public hearing on Ordinance 2022.01, after closing the public hearing and amending the ordinance, the Planning Commission voted to recommend approval of Ordinance 2022-01 to the City Council. 

o Require that all designated affordable housing units serve households at or below low-income (80% Area Median Income)

o Replace the Innovative Site Development Scoring Method (Table 2.16.020.S-3) with an "Innovative Site Development" checklist, eliminating the "scoring" and minimum required points for this requirement.

o Make Innovative Site Development requirements be optional for HDDP projects with 75% designated affordable housing units. The Innovative Site Development evaluation refers to methods or tools of sustainable development such as water quality/water conservation, landscaping choices and transportation features. 

o For projects with 100% affordable housing, reduce the one parking space per dwelling unit requirement to 1/2 space for smaller units within 1 mile of the ferry terminal. 

Future City Council discussion on Ordinance 2022-01 revising the HDDP Program will take place in July. 

Relevant Green Building Requirements