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New Alteration/Subject to Field Inspection Online Permit Rolled Out

The City has created a new online permit for residential alterations or remodels that are solely within the interior of a home.  These alterations must not involve going outside the existing footprint or raise roof lines.  

Examples of work covered under the R-ALT-STFI permit type include:

  • Kitchen remodel - Moving appliances around within the kitchen space and/or adding a beam to eliminate posts.
  • Interior space remodel - Moving or deleting walls.
  • Reconfiguring bedrooms - Does not include adding a bedroom.
  • Small structural changes - Requires stamped engineering plan at time of submittal.
  • Bathroom remodel.
  • Adding interior LP gas lines for new appliances (gas fireplace)
  • Above existing garage space - Creating ADU's are not eligible for this type of permit.
  • Changing staircases or railings.

Work that is NOT eligible for this permit type:

  • Alterations outside the existing footprint work.
  • LP tank replacements.
  • Additions to existing homes.
  • Detached garages.
  • Grading on property.
  • New utility installation.
  • Tree clearing or vegetation management.
  • Commercial improvements.
  • Raising of roof or changing roof heights and/or size.
  • Drainage improvements.

This permit is supported by an online application process very similar to our residential mechanical (R-MEC) permit and may be applied for using the Online Permit Portal.

City hall reopened on July 1, 2021, with resumed counter service to the public. Open counter hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 12:00 Noon on a first come, first served basis. Permit application submittal continues to be by appointment only and we will only accept digital documents.

*NEW* On July 1 we will also be holding 15 minute counter consultations with either a Planner or a Building Inspector at 1:30 PM.  These are by appointment only and will be offered Monday through Friday.  

City to Resume In Person Payments July 1, 2021

Beginning July 1, the City will resume in-person payments. Customers will be responsible for convenience fees for any credit card payments. 

Planning & Community Development rolls out new phase in electronic permitting process:  Applicant Uploaded Submittals. 

Steps for applying and uploading documents are found on our Submitting a Permit Application webpage.  

To see the most commonly required submittal documents for each permit type, please click one of the links below:

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Commercial Building Permits
Residential Building Permits

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What We Do 

The Planning and Community Development (PCD) department coordinates and manages land use activity on Bainbridge Island, WA. 

Responsibilities include:

  • Implementation of the Comprehensive Plan 
  • Development Review
  • Building permits & inspections
  • Code Compliance
  • Administration of Building, Shoreline, Environmental, and Subdivision regulations