Wastewater Treatment Plant Outfall Relocation

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  1. Aaron Claiborne
    Engineering Project Manager

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Project Description

The wastewater treatment plant outfall project is to extend the outfall up to 1,500 feet away to a depth that does not impact the commercial shellfish harvest zone.  The Winslow Wastewater Treatment Plant provides secondary treatment followed by clarification and ultraviolet disinfection for a rated capacity of 1.2 million gallons per day maximum monthly average flow.   Treated effluent is pumped through a 5,400-foot outfall extending onshore to Wing Point and then discharging into Puget Sound through a submerged 16-inch diameter concrete cylinder diameter outfall pipeline.  The outfall from the high-water mark off the east side of Wing Point to the terminus is 1,000 feet and -42 feet and located in geoduck harvest track 07650, Tyee Shoal.   This project and outfall extension is necessary to improve the closed shellfish harvesting zone and geoduck harvest track 07650, Tyee Shoal.


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