Springbrook Creek Fish Passage Restoration

Project Description

As part of the SCWA a conceptual design was developed, which called for removing the culvert and weirs and installing a bridge and streamside vegetation. The design was created by Wild Fish Conservancy (WFC) in partnership with the City of Bainbridge Island. Preliminary and final designs are expected during this phase of the project.


The Springbrook Creek Watershed Assessment (SCWA) identified the removal of the Fletcher Bay Rd. Culvert and Weirs as the number one highest restoration priority within the Springbrook Creek Watershed due to its position low in the stream system and watershed and is the first fish passage barrier in the stream, which hosts 3.9 miles of fish spawning and rearing habitat above the barrier.

The Springbrook Creek Fish Passage Restoration (AKA Fletcher Bay Rd Culvert and Weir Removal) Project contributes to a holistic watershed strategy, within a regional and watershed context, and will contribute towards improving conditions in Puget Sound and Springbrook Creek for anadromous fish.

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