Jurisdictions that hold elections held by ward or district are required to periodically redraw the boundaries of those wards or districts to ensure that each has a relatively equal distribution of voters. The review is based on information from the most recent federal decennial census.  

Local redistricting is governed by Washington state law (Chapter 29A.76 RCW), which provides that the redistricting plan shall be consistent with the following criteria: 

  • Districts are as nearly equal in population as possible. 
  • Districts are as compact as possible. 
  • Districts consist of geographically contiguous areas. 
  • Districts are not used for purposes of favoring or disfavoring any racial group or political party. 
  • To the extent feasible, districts must coincide with existing recognized natural boundaries and preserve existing communities of related and mutual interest. 

To the extent possible, local governments should respect and minimize divisions to boundaries that have common interest and ensure that persons in protected classes of voters have an equal opportunity to elect representatives of their choice. 

The City of Bainbridge Island will submit its redistricting plans on or before November 15, 2022.  

The maps below show the existing and planned new wards.  Based on current information and the new ward boundaries, the North Ward is 33.2% of the population, the Central Ward is 33.6% and the South Ward is 33.3%.   

Existing Wards
Planned New Wards