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  1. Fact: The City of Bainbridge Island did not issue a permit for the fireworks display of September 17, 2022, and does not issue display fireworks permits of any kind.

Fiction: The City of Bainbridge Island issued a fireworks permit and did not tell residents of the island about a 9/17/22 fireworks show that disturbed residents. 

Additional Facts:  The City of Bainbridge Island does not issue display fireworks permits of any kind.  The City issues special events permits, but not display fireworks permits, which must be obtained from the fire marshal.  The fire marshal is not under the direction of the City if Bainbridge Island.  Though consumer fireworks are illegal on Bainbridge Island, display fireworks are not. Bainbridge Island Municipal Code Chapter 8.28 specifies that display fireworks within Bainbridge Island need to be permitted with the fire marshal. Display fireworks can only be operated by a professionally licensed business with all appropriate state licenses. 

What happened: On Saturday evening September 17, 2022, beginning around 9:20 p.m., a fireworks display was launched from a barge in Port Madison waters. Based on the permit application to the US Coast Guard, the barge was situated outside the boundaries of Bainbridge Island.

The commercial operator, retained by a private entity for the event, holds a General Display Fireworks License and Pyrotechnic Operator License issued by the Fire Protection Bureau of the Washington State Patrol. A permit was issued by the Seattle Fire Department for the loading of fireworks which occurred in that city. Coast Guard approval for a Marine Event was also secured. The City of Bainbridge Island was not informed of the event and did not have the opportunity to comment or suggest that notification be provided to Bainbridge Island residents. Neither the Bainbridge Island Police Department (BIPD) or Fire Department issued a permit for the event. 

The event triggered multiple calls to Kitsap 911. The BIPD is exploring coordination with a variety of agencies for events like this in the future.

  1. FACT: The City of Bainbridge Island has an established process to disseminate factual information through the City’s website first and foremost. The City of Bainbridge Island posts on its own social media accounts about City (and City partner) projects and events.