Shoreline Master Program Legislative History

Recent Amendments

Critical Areas Ordinance Integration and Nonconforming Regulations

On November 24, 2020, the City Council approved Ordinance No. 2020-17, amending the City's Shoreline Master Program related to critical areas regulations and nonconforming structures, uses, and lots and amending several sections of Chapter 16.12 of the Bainbridge Island Municipal Code accordingly, as specifically identified in Exhibit A to this ordinance. A copy of the submittal package sent to Ecology is available here.

On February 19, 2021, the City received notification that the Department of Ecology has approved the amendment; a copy of the final approval letter is available here, and more information about the final decision can be found here

The SMP Amendment became effective on March 5, 2021.


A limited amendment regarding aquaculture (Ordinance 2016-06) was adopted by the City in 2016 and submitted to the Washington State Department of Ecology for approval.   During this time, a precedent setting case regarding aquaculture was decided against the Pierce County SMP.   Ecology could not approve the City’s proposed amendment and it was withdrawn by the City.  The City intends to develop a revised aquaculture amendment during the periodic review process that will comply with the precedent set in the Pierce County SMP case.

Kitsap County SMP (Applicable outside City of Winslow boundary until 11/26/1996

Ordinance/Resolution Description Effective Date
Res 026-1976 Initial adoption of the Kitsap County SMP 1/19/1976
Res 317-1976 Administrative Amendment-Fees 8/2/1976
Res 311-1977 Comprehensive Update 8/15/1977
Res 572-1979 Administrative Guidelines - Shoreline View Blockage 12/3/1979
Res 593-1979 Administrative Guidelines – Shoreline View Blockage (rescinding Res 572-1979) 12/10/1979
Res 240-1984 Limited Amendment (view blockage) 6/18/1984
Res 13A-1985 Limited Amendment (anchorage of commercial vessels) 1/14/1985

City of Winslow SMP (Applicable inside City of Winslow boundary until 11/26/1996)

Ordinance/Resolution Description Effective Date
Ord 74-26 Shoreline Permitting System 11/4/1974
Ord 77-01 Shoreline Permitting System 1/3/1977
Ord 81-12 Comprehensive Update 6/4/1981
Ord 81-19 Administrative Amendment (revision to permits) 5/13/1981
Ord 81-24 Limited Amendment (bulkheads, residential development) 7/13/1981
Ord 84-04 SSDP/PUD (175 Parfitt Way SW) 6/13/1984
Ord 88-16 Administrative Amendment (fees) 9/19/1988
Ord 89-11 Limited Amendment (floating homes and houseboats) 10/19/1989
Ord 91-35 SSDP/PUD/CUP (Harbourside Marina Services and Condo) 10/28/1991
Ord 92-43 Administrative Amendment (fees) 12/14/1992
Ord 95-02 Administrative Amendment (enforcement) 3/13/1995

City of Bainbridge Island SMP (Applicable Island-wide since 11/26/1996)

Ordinance/Resolution Description Effective Date
Ord 95-25 Comprehensive Update (initial adoption of draft SMP) N/A
Ord 96-38 1996 SMP - Comprehensive Update (final adoption) 11/26/1996
Ord 2001-32 SSDP Moratorium 8/20/2001
Ord 2001-34 SSDP Moratorium 9/3/2001
Ord 2001-45 SSDP Moratorium 10/22/2001
Ord 2002-29 SSDP Moratorium 8/26/2002
Ord 2003-13 SSDP Moratorium 2/26/2003
Ord 2003-25 Administrative Amendment (appeals to hearing examiner) 6/17/2003
Ord 2003-30 Limited Amendment (Blakely Harbor docks) 9/22/2003
Ord 2003-34 SSDP Moratorium 8/27/2003
Ord 2005-02 Limited Amendment (map designation change for Ravine Creek estuary and WSF Maintenance Facility) 3/7/2005
Ord 2007-16 Limited Amendment (open water marina in Eagle Harbor) 10/22/2007
Ord 2014-04 2014 SMP - Comprehensive Update (state mandated) 7/30/2014
Ord 2016-06 Limited Amendment (aquaculture) withdrawn
Ord 2020-17 2021 SMP - Limited Amendment (nonconforming & critical areas) 3/5/2021