In association with the Marine Water Access Committee (MAC), the Harbormaster organizes, coordinates and directs activities related to the use, operation, security, maintenance and improvement of Bainbridge Island harbors. This includes facilitating marine and general services for commercial and recreational boaters and the public, working closely with volunteer harbor stewards to orchestrate harbor activity, collecting fees for water-related uses, providing status reports for consideration and action, and ensuring compliance with federal, state and local laws regulating harbor activity. The harbormaster also works with the U.S Coast Guard and the Department of Natural Resources regarding vessels that are lost, found, adrift, sinking, derelict and abandoned, works with the executive and finance departments of the city to manage transient and long term use of harbor buoys, city docks and maintains records of visiting and residential boaters.

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 In accordance with RCW 79.100, the vessels FRANKIE WN6671N, has been declared derelict/abandoned because it meets the definition of a derelict/abandoned vessel as described in RCW 79.100.010. The City of Bainbridge Island, acting as an authorized public entity with the authority granted in RCW 79.100, intends to take custody of the above named vessel on March 25, 2019. Once we obtain custody of the vessel, we are authorized to use or dispose of it in any appropriate and environmentally sound manner without further notice to the owner. In order for the owner to retain custody of the vessel, the owner must obtain authorization to moor or anchor the vessel in its current location, move it to an anchorage area or moorage facility that has authorized the vessel, or remove the vessel from the water. If the owner wishes to redeem the vessel once The City of Bainbridge Island has taken custody, the owner must commence a lawsuit to contest The City of Bainbridge Island’s decision to obtain custody of the vessel, or the amount of reimbursement owed, in the superior court of the county in which the vessel was located. The lawsuit must be commenced within ten days of losing custody or the owner’s right to a hearing is waived and the owner will be liable for any costs owed to The City of Bainbridge Island. The costs the owner may be liable for include, but are not limited to, costs incurred exercising the authority granted in RCW 79.100.030, all administrative costs incurred by the authorized public entity during the procedure set forth in RCW 79.100.040, removal and disposal costs, and costs associated with environmental damages directly or indirectly caused by the vessel. The City of Bainbridge Island reserves the right to take temporary custody of the vessel under 79.100.040 if necessary and to pursue any other remedies under law.

For more information regarding this action, contact The City of Bainbridge Island, Harbormaster 206.780.3733, cell 206.786.7627 and email tallen@bainbridgewa.gov.


During the National Spring Aboard campaign, March 17 through 23, the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) along with state, federal and nonprofit partners are coordinating efforts that aim to get boaters’ educated in boating safety before boating season begins.

Why be certified in boating safety? For many boaters, it’s the law. If you were born after January 1,1955, operating a vessel of 15 horsepower or greater, you'll need a boater education card. If you are going to British Columbia or Oregon you'll need it regardless of age. To register, call Parks 206-842-2306 or Grant Winther 206.842.5862. The next class is APRIL 6th, 2019.

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