Information Technology

Information Technology (IT) Division provides three primary services that include technical support, systems administration, and GIS / mapping maintenance. Systems integration and interdepartmental functionality at a citywide level is the primary goal.


The focus is to:

  • Maintain a functional and secure data network
  • Provide database administration
  • Be a resource for technical support issues
  • Provide communications systems administration
  • Maintain consistent hardware and software purchasing, installation, and licensing inventories
  • Improve overall systems related work flow processes


IT is also responsible for citywide systems administration, configuration control of existing systems, and evaluating potential new systems and interfaces.

Additionally, IT ensures that the city's geographic information system (GIS) product is incorporated into the daily workflow, as well as responding to citizen and customer requests for map related data, products, and services. Technical and functional issues related to the city's website are also maintained by IT.